10 popular ornamental plants should not be planted because they can be harmful to health

Green lifestyle is more and more interested and loved by many people, so green trees are also popular when decorating apartments as well as purifying living spaces. However, not all plants and flowers are suitable for home decoration because it can cause family members to have health problems.

Ten thousand young trees

Despite its beautiful leaf color, the perennial plant is one of those plants that can cause intoxication. Even accidental contact with this plant can cause blisters in the mouth, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, causing burning, swelling, and pain in the mouth and throat.

Tiger tree

Tiger tree is a popular ornamental plant for home decoration. This plant carries a substance called saponin, which can be toxic if exposed. Saponins can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, so it’s better to avoid leaving this plant indoors.

Money needle

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, more commonly known as the needle, can cause pain, skin irritation and swelling if contacted. In the event of unfortunate contact with it, everyone should immediately rinse the area under running water and contact a medical professional if necessary.


The aloe plant has so many uses in beauty and food preparation and its presence on this list is sure to amaze everyone. According to scientists, this plant contains substances capable of causing diarrhea, allergies and kidney problems so people should be careful when using and considering the body’s response.

yellow daisy

If ingested, yellow chamomile can cause gastrointestinal upset. Skin contact with the sap can also cause a rash.

Betel tree she hexagon

Betel nut contains a substance called calcium oxalate that can cause pain and indigestion. Although this plant is very beautiful, be sure to keep your pets away from it as dogs and cats can be dangerous to nibble.

Ornamental tree

The bonsai has a special beauty with heart-shaped leaves, but be careful when growing them indoors because this plant is quite dangerous and poisonous.

If pets and children come into contact with leaves, they can drool and have difficulty breathing. In these cases, it is best for everyone to clean the contaminated area and contact a poison specialist or poison treatment center.

Her betel tree

Her betel tree has large leaves, beautiful and elegant shape, so it is very popular for indoor decoration. Like the plants mentioned above, this plant has calcium oxalate, which can irritate the lips, tongue, mouth, drooling and even vomiting.

The needle intersects

The sap is corrosive, causing severe skin and eye irritation. That is why this plant must be cared for more carefully and use gloves and eye protection. If the plant comes into contact with the eyes, a red, itchy, burning sensation can appear and even negatively affect human eyesight.

Royal buttercup flower

This beautiful purple flower is frequently found in ornamental gardens or used as houseplants. What few people know is that its leaves, flowers and even seeds contain a substance called digoxin, which can be fatal to animals and humans when ingested. Due to its toxicity, growing this plant at home can increase the risk of health problems for the people and animals living around it.

These plants are still quite safe to grow in the family if everyone makes sure to keep children and pets away from them and wear gloves at all times when taking care.

Huong Giang (Source: Bright Side)



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