10 very good drinks for health that few people know about

There are many ways to improve our health, and one of them is our diet. Besides many healthy foods, there are also special “miraculous” drinks that not everyone has heard of.

Such as yerba mate tea, a nourishing drink that provides energy all day long. Or chicory coffee has the effect of helping users relax and comfort. Each different beverage has different uses. The natural world is so wonderful that it can provide us with many delicious, simple and healthy dishes in just one cup.

Birch water

This would be a great alternative to soda because it is low in sugar and calories. It also contains manganese, a mineral important for bone development. This means that birch water is beneficial for keeping bones strong.

Pickled cucumber juice

It may sound strange, but one study revealed that pickled cucumber juice has the ability to reduce muscle cramps. It has also been shown to regulate blood sugar because of its high vinegar content.

Cloves in tea

Cloves can be added to teas for added nutrition and flavor. Just one teaspoon of cloves has 55% of the daily value of manganese and 2% of the daily value of vitamin K. It is also loaded with antioxidants, which help fight damage to red blood cells.

Pu’er Tea

This Chinese tea is made with fermented leaves, which sets it apart from many other teas. It has other health benefits, such as gut-healthy probiotics. In addition, this tea is also good for cholesterol and useful for weight loss.


This is another fermented beverage that uses yeast and sugar to help regulate metabolism. Thanks to the fermentation process, it also contains probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that promote health. They are important for the immune system and for the growth of microorganisms.

Chicory coffee

It is known as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee, however, it also contains many minerals and healthy vitamins. Chicory coffee contains manganese and vitamin B6, which can reduce stress levels and improve brain function. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, helping to reduce the effects of diseases like arthritis. One study also says it can help with laxatives.

Yerba mate

This tea is made with the branches and branches of the Ilex paraguariensis plant and is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Yerba mate also helps stay awake with 78 milligrams of caffeine per 150 milliliters, roughly the same amount of coffee. This makes it a delicious alternative for those who don’t like to sip coffee.

Turmeric tea

As part of the ginger family, this spice has many positive health benefits attached to it. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that can help control osteoarthritis. One study also found that turmeric may protect the liver from damage because of its antioxidant properties.

Tea St. John’s wort

35 studies have been reviewed and it was found that this plant reduces symptoms of depression. St. John’s wort is very helpful in relieving symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes. However, if you are taking medication, people should be careful because it can weaken the strength of the drug, similar to grapefruit.

Quince fruit juice

This fruit provides a variety of vitamins and nutrients, making it the perfect juice to start your day off. According to one study, quince fruit is good for pregnancy, especially when it comes to treating morning sickness.

Huong Giang (Source: Bright Side)



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