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5 Ways to Get Your Google AdSense Account Approved Fast

These days, it has become very difficult to get an AdSense account approved. It was not the case three or four years ago when we were able to get AdSense account approval with free blogs even created on blogger.com. So, today I am going to suggest 5 tips that will help you get your GA account approved very quickly:

1. Apply with your own domain

You must have your own domain name when applying for a publisher account with GA. You can see more benefits of having your own domain name compared to a free domain here.

2. Provide quality content

Always provide quality content on your blog and never thought of copying content from other websites and blogs as no one loves a copy paste blog like Google. Also make sure your blog content complies with GA policies. You must publish at least 30-40 articles on your blog before applying for Google AdSense. If you apply with a blog with only 3 or 4 posts, the chances of getting your GA account approved are very low.

3. Domain age matters

Domain age also plays an important role when you think about applying for an account with GA. You must apply for an AdSense account with the oldest and most popular blog. Your chances of being accepted into the Google AdSense revenue share program are very high if you apply with a domain that is more than 6 months old.

4. Good blog traffic

Many blogs are rejected because they have no real traffic. So the chance of your blog getting accepted into AdSense is rare if the blog you’re applying with doesn’t have a decent amount of traffic.

5. Some other questions

You must use a valid email address and name when applying for an AdSense account. With this, your blog should have a professional looking theme and should not contain broken links, page under construction, HTML or grammatical errors.

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