7 common injuries caused by using too much cell phone and how to prevent it

Smartphones have become a means of connecting people, all jobs around the globe. The convenience of the phone is undeniable, but at the same time, people easily “addicted” to them. Mental “phone addiction” can even turn into real bodily injury.

Everyone wants their phone to be a tool to assist rather than cause injury to the body, so let’s find out why and how to avoid them.

Neck stiffness

Neck pain due to wrong posture when using mobile phones and laptops is becoming more and more popular, such terms as iPosture, iHunch, Text Neck were born to indicate this disease. The pain is caused by people bending their backs and necks bent forward, it can even lead to muscle weakness.

To prevent experiencing this pain, when using electronic devices, people should not bend over but stretch and keep the phone and computer at eye level.

Little finger deformed

If you notice that your dominant little finger looks a bit bent, this could be the result of holding the phone. Although this condition may appear only temporary or congenital, it still has negative aspects that negatively impact the user. Holding the phone in one position for a long time, supported with the little finger increases the risk of nerve damage.

In order to avoid this situation, besides limiting the posture of holding the phone, people should exercise their hands every day, clench into fists and stretch their fingers.

Numbness of the wings and hands

In medical terms, carpal tunnel syndrome is a tingling sensation in your index, middle and thumb if your elbow is bent more than 90 °. To avoid this unpleasant numbness, people need to reduce phone usage time, change positions, and stretch arms and arms.

Finger pain

If you experience finger cramps and muscle pain, people may have a condition called “text claw”. This is a term describing finger spasms and pain caused by constantly texting, playing games, swiping the phone screen. Repeatedly tapping the phone screen with your hand can result in injury caused by repetitive movements.

To prevent this syndrome from happening to themselves, people constantly change their position, use headphones when making phone calls. In addition, hot or cold compresses can also help relieve pain.

Thumb pain

“Texting thumb” describes a tendinitis in the thumb, which can lead to pain around the knuckles. This is usually caused by smaller phones. It is recommended that people use accessories to reduce finger tension and avoid holding the phone in an upright position for too long.

Visual impairment

People who work every day with computers and phones are more likely to experience headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, and blurred vision because digital screens require high visual needs. This condition is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). To prevent damage to vision from using electronic devices, people can wear glasses that block blue light and rest eyes during work.


This is the most disturbing and dangerous trauma on this list. Put the phone under the pillow or charge the battery while going to bed, fire causing severe burns is entirely possible. If there is this habit, people should immediately stop to ensure their own safety.

Huong Giang (Source: Bright Side)



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