7 foods should never be heated in the microwave

Microwaves were invented by chance in the 1940s and are now becoming an important kitchen appliance in every home. While microwaves make enjoying food more convenient and quicker, there are foods that people best avoid putting in this appliance. Here is a list of foods that should not be in the microwave to protect the health of users.

Boiled eggs

When heating a boiled egg in the microwave, steam builds up from the water molecules causing pressure to build up. Since the egg has thin membranes and shells it cannot hold all pressure, which can lead to an explosion in the microwave, even more dangerous when people take it out and eat it.


Although carrots can be cooked and heated in the microwave, raw carrots, especially those that still have their skin on, can pose a lot of risk. If carrots are not washed properly and there is residue left, minerals in the soil can cause a microwave spark, also known as arcing. Arc discharge can cause serious damage to your microwave if it keeps happening.

Processed meat

Processed meats are inherently not nutritious because they contain a lot of salt, additives and preservatives. But when adding microwave radiation to deli meats and canned foods, this is even more worrisome as cholesterol levels can rise, leading to heart problems. The safest way to heat up the ham and hot dogs is to cook them on the stove.


Microwave seems to be the simplest way to heat water. But studies show that many burns stem from the hot water in microwaves, especially when children handle them. Electromagnetic waves in microwaves can cause water to overheat, make water molecules unstable and can cause intense boiling and even explosions.


Chili peppers, especially those with a high degree of spicy, contain high levels of capsaicin, which can be flammable. When the capsaicin is exposed to electromagnetic waves in the microwave, it starts to smoke and can easily catch fire. Fire and smoke emitted from the microwave can irritate the skin and cause a burning sensation.


Chicken is a common culprit for the spread of salmonella, especially when it’s not cooked properly. Using a microwave to cook chicken is almost impossible, so there’s a risk of bacterial infection. The same goes for other raw meats. Raw meats are best cooked thoroughly over direct heat, such as in a pan or oven.

Tomato and tomato sauce

Like boiled eggs, tomatoes can cause an explosion, causing food to splatter when in the microwave for too long. Due to the liquid composition in fresh tomatoes and pasta sauces, the built up pressure causes them to foam and spill out liquid, leaving the microwave full of red splashes.

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