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7 signs that he is interested in you! You will no longer be confused about whether he likes you or not.

How would you know if the guy is really interested and has feelings for you if he doesn’t like to put it into words? It is a known fact that men do not express their emotions all the time. The guy of your dreams may not be expressing his love for you, but he may be sending signals that reveal his true intentions. So it’s up to you to identify what those signs are. To help you in that regard, here are 7 signs to look for:

Your man will stand with his hands on his hips. This is not only to suggest confidence with his body and emphasize his physical size, but also to indicate that he likes you.

Your man will play the violin and pull up his socks. If your dream guy pulls up his socks or adjusts them when he’s with you, it’s definitely a 100% indication that he really likes you and is trying to maintain a good appearance.

Your man’s eyebrows are slightly raised when you talk. A slightly quizzical and surprised look means he’s either smitten by you, or totally in love with you, and honestly, either is preferable. Any woman would want a man to look at her with relaxed and lovely brows and eyes.

Your man will mess up or fix his hair. The sign you choose will depend on the type of hairstyle you have and what needs to be done to make it more attractive. Men have this habit of playing with their hair more often and unintentionally. Look back the next time you apologize to powder your nose and you will surely see him touch his hair.

Your man’s face will open and his nostrils will flare. Wide eyes, parted lips, raised eyebrows, and flaring nostrils are all clear signs that he’s interested in you.

Your man will try to get your attention. Some men will subtly adjust their tie and whisper a prayer to get your attention, while others will turn into Jerry Lewis and get very loud and rowdy. Any gesture or action that is exaggerated usually means that he is trying to get you to notice him. Another sign is that he will unconsciously isolate himself from his friends by positioning himself in such a way that he is seen alone.

Your man’s lips would part. If you see his lips part for a split second when the first two of you meet, then this is an absolute sign that he likes you.

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