“8:30 p.m. Sunday” with Fabrice Luchini and Dadju

Personalities confide directly to Laurent Delahousse in “8:30 p.m. on Sunday“(Twitter, # 20h30LD) after the 20 hours newspaper on France 2: interview, meeting (s) and also a live musical on the set … This Sunday 8 November 2020, the actor Fabrice Luchini.

The guest of this new issue of season 4 of the magazine was a few days ago still on stage in two shows (Conversation around portraits and self-portraits, Writers talk about money) at the Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens, but the re-containment linked to the health crisis of the Covid-19 coronavirus led him to get off the boards. And it is once again on social networks that he talks about literature today …

And also, “Poison or Antidote”?

Meeting with the singer-songwriter Dadju, who sold a million albums in three years with Gentleman 2.0, Poison or Antidote, Honey Book (2020 reissue of Poison or Antidote) …

The Live of “8:30 p.m. on Sunday” : Dadju performer Toxic love live on the set at the end of the broadcast.

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