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9 tips for reading your sexual language

Are you flirting? Smiling? Eye contact? How to pick up her flirting cues. Interpreting your sexual body language has never been easier.

1: She starts preening: This is also known as making sure she looks her best. Standing up straighter, tucking in your belly, and sticking out your breasts are spontaneous and instantaneous gestures that interest women. This will be followed by smoothing down her skirt or dress, playing with her hair and jewelry, and then disappearing into the ladies’ room for a peek. Adjusting and controlling appearances is a great sign of flirting with body language. If you catch her looking at your butt on the way to the bar, or she starts to fix her hair when your back is turned, you know she’s sexually interested.

2 eyes. His eyes say it all. A woman who flirts will usually send you 3 sideways glances. She’ll get a second look to confirm that they liked what they saw and a third if they’re considering talking to you.

The 4 second scan. We look at uninteresting people for 3 seconds or less. A definite sign of interest is when the girl keeps shooting 4-second glances in your direction.

How the flirtatious woman breaks your look. This is even more important than how she has been looking at you. If she looks to the side or around the room, you have lost her interest. If her eyes drop to the ground before looking back up to meet yours in 30 to 60 seconds, you have a chance. Downcast eyes followed by a grooming signal such as playing or flicking her hair indicates that she is liking what she is seeing.

If you are looking at her and your eyes meet, a flirting woman will often raise her upper eyelids slightly and quickly. This is a very subtle eye opening movement that says, “I’m looking at you.”

Zero visual communication means zero connection. It’s time to move on to someone else. A raised eyebrow usually indicates a question of some kind. The more you look someone in the eye, the more attractive, confident, and sincere you seem.

3ft. Feet can be a great indicator of a woman flirting’s true feelings. Few people notice what they are doing with their feet unconsciously because they are so far away from our faces. This places them very high on the credibility scale.

By pointing a foot towards you, the flirting woman tells you that you are welcome to join her group.

It’s a little defensive if you have one leg crossed over the other, but as long as one foot is still pointed at you, it still looks good. Once he uncrosses his legs and starts mimicking the position of your feet, that’s a better sign that he likes you.

His foot between your feet is an obvious sexual body language gesture. Better yet, if you must bend your knee and have it touch your knee or leg while you are both standing. Both suggest strong messages of sexual flirtation.

4: Body Posture: The flirting woman has her shoulders back and her breasts forward. A hand placed on a sexy protruding hip is a flirty signal for you to join her. Placing a hand on the back of the hip can also be a gesture to emphasize her small waist. Arching her spine into a ‘C’ shape showing both her breasts and her bottom is flirting with body language, inviting you to look at her.

A sign of strongly sexual body language is when she begins to lean forward bringing her arms closer to her body, pressing her breasts together and deepening her cleavage.

Playing with her necklace is another subconscious flirting gesture. His play with her neck jewelry invites you to look at her breasts. A definite erotic sign for you that he is flirting is when he starts stroking his throat, neck, or upper chest. The signal is even stronger if you combine the strokes with a neck bow. By tilting her head to show you more of his neck, she’s hinting that she’s starting to trust you. Throats and necks are the “lover’s zones”, places where no one else touches us. Stroking her neck or chest also draws the gaze to her breasts.

5: Playing with her hair: Teasing her hair, running her fingers through her hair, and the strongest body language flirt signal, tossing her hair, are all designed to show her that she’s available.

6: Her Legs – While sitting, women often cross their legs to look sexy, feminine, or just to show it off. The more you cross your legs over your thighs, the stronger the sexual signal. If she’s smiling at you too, she’s making eye contact, and she’s laying a hand on her lap, that’s extremely strong sexual body language. Running your hands up your thighs is another common grooming signal for women when in the company of someone they find sexually attractive.

By sitting with her legs to the side, she’s making an obvious attempt to make her legs look longer and make herself look good to anyone watching. The more frequently she crosses and uncrosses her legs while she is facing you, the better your chances. The more thigh he exposes, the more likely he is to be hot for you.

If you’re in a barefoot situation, she’ll start tiptoeing if she thinks attractive men are nearby. By doing this, her legs look longer, her body slimmer, and overall she looks more feminine.

7: Her wrists and palms: Women will show their wrist to someone they are interested in. While playing with your hair or fiddling with an earring, check to see if your wrist is turned toward you with the palm facing out. As he shows you the doll, he says, “You can come closer to me.”

8: Does she want to kiss you? If she is doing any of this, then the answer is probably YES!

Licking her lips. When faced with something exciting, everyone licks their lips.

Eating and drinking suggestively, sucking and licking their fingers. All ways to advertise your talents.

Keep touching his mouth. Everyone’s lips swell when we get aroused, making us more aware of them and more likely to play with them.

Putting his head close to yours: This is almost always an invitation to kiss.

Head tilt: getting into position on a subconscious level.

9: Does she want more? Towards the end of the encounter you can check her intentions with this little test. He takes a step toward her, then backs away quickly. If she is interested, now she will step forward to bridge the gap without even realizing that she is doing it.

The other trick to try is to lower your voice to a whisper. If he stays where he is and yells at you that he can’t hear you, then he’s not going to come any closer.

What the color of her clothes says about her:

Red: He is happy to be the center of attention and is not afraid of his feelings.

Black: Stylish, chic and original.

Beige: Uncertain.

White: Look at me.

Navy Blue: Keep up the business.

Light blue: Composite.

Hot Pink: You want to stand out from the crowd.

Light Pink: Fragile.

The art of flirting and interpreting sexual body language has never been easier to understand. Never misread the situation again! Apply these dating tips and date right now!

Good luck, Coco Swan.

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