A delivery man dies when crashing into a garbage truck in Madrid

A 48-year-old motorcyclist, who worked for a delivery company, died this Sunday night when he collided with a garbage truck on the corner of Embajadores street with Tomás Borrás, in the Arganzuela district of Madrid, he explained a spokeswoman for Emergencias Madrid. The accident occurred at 11.30pm when, for reasons investigated by the Municipal Police, there was a frontal collision between the motorist and the garbage truck at said crossing. In the direction in which the truck was circulating, a left turn allowed, there is no traffic light and in which the motorcycle was going, there is, but a few meters ahead.

The dealer was not registered on this platform, which can lead to the assumption that he was using another person’s account, CC.OO has indicated. Madrid in a statement. “Unfortunately it is not an isolated event. Talking about home delivery is synonymous with precariousness and appalling and unacceptable health and safety conditions ”, they point out from the union. For this reason, they remember that this precariousness and the pressure to arrive on time and make the greatest number of deliveries is a combination that can be “fatal” and they demand that this accident be considered a work accident.

The victim’s name is Nestor A. and he worked for Deliveroo, according to Europa Press. The motorcyclist was treated at first by two nurses from the Clinical Hospital and another retiree from Samur, who heard the blow from their homes, and ran down to the street to help the victim and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers. The rider He has suffered multiple injuries, including one severe to the head and the other to the chest, and has entered cardiorespiratory arrest.

The assistance of Samur-Civil Protection have continued with the resuscitation maneuvers, but they have not been able to reverse the stop and have confirmed the death of the motorist. A psychologist from Samur-Civil Protection has assisted the two garbage truck workers, who have been greatly affected by the accident.

The Glovo logo appeared on the crashed motorcycle’s carrier, but a spokesperson for this delivery company has denied that it was one of its workers: “As we have been able to confirm in collaboration with the authorities, the deceased person was not registered or it operated through the Glovo app ”.

“We want to convey our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victim of the fatal accident,” said the spokesman, adding that the company continues to “work to guarantee maximum safety for the delivery people and users who trust Glovo, as well as of the rest of the population ”of the cities in which they are present.

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