A worker is positive for COVID-19, Long An has urgently blocked a row of motels in Ben Luc

PCR results at CDC Long An have just identified one more suspected case of COVID-19 infection in the community in Ben Luc – Photo: AN LONG

On the evening of June 21, information from the Long An Provincial Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control said that they were tracing and blocking a block of motel rooms in Chanh hamlet, Long Hiep commune, Ben Luc district related to a newly confirmed case. positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In the morning of the same day, a 31-year-old male worker – staying in Long Hiep commune, working for a company about 300m away from his residence – showed symptoms of sore throat and mild fever, so he went to Ben Luc District General Hospital. examination.

He was admitted through the stream for suspected COVID-19 cases, took a rapid antigen test sample and gave a positive result.

Continuing to take PCR samples at the Center for Disease Control of Long An province, the results confirmed that this male worker was positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Currently, the epidemic prevention and control force in Long An province is continuing the urgent epidemic prevention and control procedures for the new suspected case of COVID-19 infection in this community.

On the same day, the health sector of Long An province said that it had not yet recorded the first cases of suspected COVID-19 in the community in Can Tho city.

Accordingly, when it was reported that a male student from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An and went to Can Tho city was positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus on June 21, Long An urgently traced the epidemiology and received On May 30, this male student returned home from Ho Chi Minh City to Duc Hoa district and went straight to Can Tho city during the day.

From May 30 to now, it has been 22 days, thus temporarily showing the possibility that this male student is suspected of being infected from another source, and no F1 cases have been recorded in Long An.

Before the new suspected case on June 21, Long An had 17 cases of COVID-19 in the community. Currently, this province is still continuing to have many measures to monitor and strictly manage people from provinces and cities with epidemics to the locality.



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