Accelerate ODA disbursement

Although it is mid-June 2021, the progress of disbursement of funds ODA still very slow. Meanwhile, disbursement of public investment, including ODA, is one of the important drivers for economic recovery and growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

37 provinces and cities have not disbursed any dong yet

According to the latest report of the Ministry of Finance, according to the plan, the public investment capital from ODA and foreign preferential loans allocated in early 2021 by localities is 63,709 billion VND. In which, the additional capital targeted by the central budget is 34,913 billion VND and the capital for local loans is 28,796 billion VND.

According to Mr. Truong Hung Long, Director of the Department of Debt Management and External Finance (Ministry of Finance), by the end of May 2021, the amount of foreign capital disbursed by localities was just over 1,100 billion VND, equal to 1. ,73% of the estimate. Up to now, there are 37 provinces and cities that have not disbursed any capital, typically Ha Giang, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, Thai Nguyen, Lang Son… The Ministry of Finance said that one of the reasons leading to this problem. This situation is due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. The stages from importing machinery and equipment to mobilizing experts, workers, foreign contractors, and supervision consultants are all affected.

Mr. Truong Hung Long also pointed out the reasons for the problems in the compensation and site clearance projects; delay in technical design, bidding and contract signing. In addition, some projects that are behind schedule have to adjust the project, related to the adjustment of investment policy, project implementation time, capital structure, reserve capital, making the project implementation process difficult. prolonged.

From a local perspective, Mr. Ha Minh Hai, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee, said that by the end of May 2021, the disbursement value of the city’s ODA is 551 billion VND, reaching 7.03% of the plan. In particular, a number of bidding packages of the Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station urban railway project, the Yen Xa Wastewater Plant project with equipment imported from Europe and Japan were all affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station urban railway project is facing difficulties in importing equipment from abroad

Wide range of solutions

Talk to reporters Newspapers LaborerAssoc. Prof-Dr. Dinh Trong Thinh, an economic expert, said that the slow disbursement of public investment capital, including foreign capital, has been a “disease” for many years, but this year is more serious due to the influence of pandemic.

The government should soon consider making a policy to allow foreign experts involved in domestic projects to enter with strict epidemic prevention conditions attached. The Government, ministries and sectors need to discuss and discuss with donors to consider a number of specific funding policies for project implementation. “If in the past, some sponsors required a basic completion volume to finance, then in the current epidemic conditions, it is possible to negotiate appropriate funding options for us to implement. project” – Mr. Dinh Trong Thinh said.

Mr. Tran Xuan Ha, Deputy Minister of Finance, suggested localities to review the allocation of cost estimates in line with the progress of projects, in which prioritizing the allocation of the remaining capital in accordance with the financial mechanism. main projects in progress. In particular, speed up the adjustment of investment policies and loan agreements, so as not to let the adjustment affect the implementation and disbursement progress of projects.

To overcome the slow disbursement of public investment capital in the last 6 months of 2021, in the report just sent to the National Assembly, the Government has proposed solutions such as removing obstacles to public investment institutions, construction, compensation and site clearance. Strengthen inspection, supervision, accelerate disbursement of public investment capital, especially ODA capital; resolutely handle cadres who show signs of harassment, negativity and group interests. Notably, the Government will use the results of capital disbursement of the units in 2021 as the criterion to evaluate the emulation and evaluate the completion of the tasks in 2021 of the head, thereby rewarding and disciplining in time. time, seriously.

Set up a special working group to solve problems for projects

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has just submitted a report to the Government on the draft decision of the Prime Minister to set up a special working group to review and remove difficulties for investment, production and business projects facing difficulties. problems for a long time in ministries, branches and localities.

The working group will review and identify inefficient and behind schedule projects, and assess the causes. Thereby, proposing solutions to remove difficulties and obstacles to implement projects, remove bottlenecks, and open up resources for investment in socio-economic development in localities.

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