And the worst floor of 2019 is …

Better to laugh than cry. In this spirit, the account appeared on Twitter in April 2018 @elzulista. What began as a joke between friends in a WhatsApp group, as a result of the traumatic experience of a person who had become homeless and had to find a new rental, became a true mass movement. El Zulista has spread to other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram to denounce tiny or underfunded flats, exorbitant prices and, ultimately, homes so abusive that they seem like a joke, although they are a sad reality. But it is on Twitter, with more than 55,700 followers, where his message penetrates the most.

“Social networks were the way to reach many people and echo a problem that we believe must be stopped as soon as possible,” one of the people managing the account responded by email. Are they more than one? “We think it is not relevant and we have the idea that zulistas we are all “, they point out, proud of the community that they have been creating and that contributes more and more to the project by helping to detect the most absurd housing advertisements. Among them are these ten that concentrate the essence of what is The Zulista. They all have the dubious merit of being among the worst the indefatigable floor tracker has seen, and seen a lot, in 2019.

10. Zulo garage in Majadahonda: 750 euros

“The same is true for a student as for a company manager,” he ironically The Zulista echoing the description made by the advertiser of this property in Majadahonda (Madrid). Its 30 square meters occupy the garage of a semi-detached house, so from the satirical account they are clear that its main advantage is “to feel like an Audi in your masters’ garage”. To see more images, click on the photo or here.

9. Zulo of open concept in Cornellà: 700 euros

This property in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona) integrates in its 29 square meters from an equipped kitchen to a hydromassage shower. The Zulista She looks at it with romantic eyes and describes it as “ideal for couples who like to always be together and not have privacy even in the bathroom.” You can see more photos by clicking on the image above or here.

8. Zulo ‘all in one’ in Barcelona: 650 euros

This property located in Barcelona with everything in one piece was sold for 103,000 euros as an opportunity to invest. According to the announcement, it could be rented for between 650 and 700 euros per month. The Zulista he is clear about why he chooses it in this classification: “The kitchens with toilets in the kitchen are our weakness,” he explains, “being able to keep the conversation with the guests while doing belly is priceless”. To see more details, click on the photo or here.

7. Zulo basement without windows in Madrid: 1,500 euros

Perhaps the price may seem excessive, but in these 40 square meters “only a small gap of pavés can disturb you”. The Zulista Let your imagination fly and you can imagine what the future tenant of this property will be like, which he sees as “ideal for photophobics in general and vampires in particular”. If you want to see more photos to verify that you have no more windows, click on the image above or here.

6. Zulo everything at hand in Cádiz: to negotiate

We do not know the price that was being asked for this “small studio with access to a newly built terrace”, but what is clear for The Zulista is that everything is advantages. “If you shake with a little force when you get out of the shower you are already scrubbing the floor”, highlights the satirical account. The bathroom, next to the kitchen and separated by a small screen from the table-desk, defines it as open concept (open concept). You can see more images by clicking on the photo or here.

5. Zulo room of brooms: 90,000 euros (for sale)

The announcement of this ground floor for sale already warned that it needs a comprehensive reform, although it also described the property, in the Malasaña neighborhood, in Madrid, as located in an “unbeatable, quiet and peaceful area.”

“Enjoy this zulo with scab gran reserva and create your own archaeological expedition,” he says. The Zulista. The truth is that in this case the maxim of popular wisdom that a picture is worth more than a thousand words is fulfilled. And if an image is not enough for you, you can see more by clicking on the photo next to it or here. The ad even brought a plan of the property, which has no room or bathroom.

4. Zulo garage gate in Bilbao: 300 euros

The Zulista gets positive and reminds us that this property is “very bright when the cars turn on the long ones”. He also recommends leaning out the window to “breathe the pure air of CO2“And it does not overlook the decoration of marine evocations. The ad already described, yes, that what is rented is” a room-study-premises without a certificate of habitability. “You can see more images by clicking on the photo or here.

3. Rundown Zulo in Palma: 425 euros

The extractor hood and its fastening system focus the attention of this property that is advertised as a loft. “Don’t miss the opportunity to live with molds and bacteria in a loft with latest technology engineering details “, highlights The Zulista. The 40-square-meter property was described in the ad as “in good condition.” To see more images, you can click on the photo above or here.

2. Zulo 0%: 78,000 euros (to invest)

The second place is for a property “ideal for zulistas investors. “The 30-square-meter property, in the north of Madrid, was put up for sale as an investment opportunity. El Zulista sees it as ideal to become a“ home zulero“Or to be” the most fit of the neighborhood ”, since it does not have a kitchen. Although its interior is, seen optimistically, somewhat minimalist, you can see more details by clicking on the photo or here.

1. Zulo roof ‘all in one’ in Madrid: 480 euros

“It is what we could call ecstasy zulil“, point out the creators of the account, who emphasize that this property” has all the advantages to save time in the mornings. “Two of them are” the toilet in the shower “and the possibility of” monitoring the lentils while you wash up “, two essential features for any self-respecting den. This one has 15 square meters, south facing and a bed at ground level under a sloping roof. You can see more photos by clicking on the photo or here.

Dear wise men…

In 2020, El Zulista promises to continue denouncing, without losing humor, so that those looking for a flat have it a little easier. And as proof, send this ironic letter to the Magi:

“An extendable roof for the zulos roof so we can stand up. If they can’t, at least bring us a helmet and knee pads.

– Windows to put in the zulos and be able to ventilate so that mushrooms stop growing on the walls.

– A screen to put between the toilet and the kitchen in case the in-laws come to dinner not to lose all decorum.

– A harness to avoid risking our lives when we go down at midnight to pee on the beds built into the loft.

– No clothes, we don’t fit “.



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