Antidepressants bring new hope to diabetics

Most antidepressants are linked to a reduced risk of death in people with both diabetes and major depression, a new study found. More significantly, diabetes mortality can be reduced by up to 35% with the exception of monoamine oxidase A (RIMA) reversible inhibitors.

Study leader, Ph.D., professor of medicine Vincent Chin-Hung Chen, working at Chang Gung Medical University and a psychiatrist at Chiayi Chang Gung Hospital (Taiwan), said: “Because of suffering from severe depressive disorders in people with diabetes significantly larger than the general population, diabetes and depression both independently contribute to increased risk of death, so we recommend Clinicians need to screen for depression in diabetics.

Clinicians can work with psychiatrists to help patients with these two diseases, including prescribing antidepressants, ”added Professor Chen.

However, he also emphasized that this was a study that looked at linkages and did not represent any results. Further studies are still needed to test and replicate the findings.

Most depressive drugs (except RIMA) can help reduce mortality in patients with both diabetes and depression simultaneously. (Artwork photo)

The results of this study are from an analysis of more than 50,000 people with diabetes and severe depression or cardiac arrhythmias from the national Taiwan database. The study was published online in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism by Professor Chen and colleagues.

Using 2000-2013 data from the National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan, the team identified 53,412 newly diagnosed diabetics and subsequently depression ( severe depressive disorder or dysfunction). Those who used antidepressants before being diagnosed with diabetes were excluded.

Of these, 50,532 are taking antidepressants and 2880 are not. Antidepressants users were divided into 3 dose groups based on the cumulative determined daily dose (cDDD), including: DDDs (18.3%) and 84-364 DDDs (62.4%).

During the 10 years of follow-up, mortality ranged from 11137 / 100,000 per year in the highest dose group to 19637 / 100,000 per year in the lowest dose group.

The mechanism for the reduction of mortality with antidepressants is unknown, but the authors hypothesized that it may be related to the inflammatory response.

“To our knowledge, this is the first large population-based cohort study to identify an association between antidepressant use and mortality among individuals,” said Prof Chen and colleagues. people diagnosed with diabetes and associated depression, and they emphasized that the data provided This is also the premise for the next rationale for screening and treating depression in people with depression. diabetes”.

Huong Giang (Source: Medscape)



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