Apple is again sued for monopolistic conduct related to the App Store

On May 11, technology company Apple (USA) had to receive a new lawsuit alleging that the App Store online app store had overcharged many users in the UK.

The lawsuit is filed by digital economist Rachael Kent and is being reviewed by the British Competition Court of Appeal. In the lawsuit, expert Kent asked Apple to return money to British customers, whereby about 19.6 million people will be compensated a total of £ 1.5 billion ($ 2.1 billion).

Expert Kent, a lecturer at King’s College, University of London, argues that Apple has a monopoly when the App Store is the only door to download many applications to iPhone and iPad.

According to this lecturer, after 13 years, the App Store is still the only source for Apple devices to access applications, reflecting that the company has “guarded” the selfish entrance to the world of apps, charging fees for posting. enter and use “unfairly” and this is exclusive practice. According to the lawsuit, Apple receives about 30% of the cost of purchasing an app.

For its part, Apple calls this a planned and undeserved lawsuit. The US technology firm affirms that it always guarantees its commitment to customers and the App Store has brought a lot of benefits to the creative economy in the UK.

Apple is also facing many legal challenges related to monopoly when using the App Store. Epic Games – the famous game maker Fortnite – also sued the company for the same reason.

Last month, the European Union (EU) officially accused Apple of relying on the App Store of gradually eliminating competitors in the field of streaming. In March, British competition officials also investigated Apple regarding the App Store.

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