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Are you doing group coaching?

Being a life coach is a satisfying way to earn money doing what you love, while making a difference! But, what most life coaches don’t realize when they get involved is that life coaching is a BUSINESS, It’s not a job

The truth is that most life coaches are unsuccessful. Even when they find the perfect niche and master the art of getting clients, they can only reach a certain level of income, because they meet clients one-on-one. There is only so much time in a day, part of which is spent on marketing and other business related things.

Once a trainer fills his schedule with clients, he hits the ceiling on his growth and income. His only option is to increase his rates, but this is not always easy or even appropriate, in some cases.

The good news is that there is a way serve more people and increase revenue at the same time. And that is, offering group coaching programs. Think about it, much of what you do with each client is exactly the same. If you say the same thing 10 times to 10 different people, why not tell them all at once? By developing a program out of your coaching process, you can guide a group of people through the same coaching activities and steps together.

By creating a group training program, you can:

Reach more people in less time

Offer an easy-to-sell, low-cost option

sell your Favourite one-on-one coaching participants

Create a more predictable schedule and income

Increase your hourly earnings ($50 x 10 is greater than $150 x 1!)

Thousands of life coaches have used the group coaching model to increase their income while working fewer hours, and you can do the same.

Turn the process you use with your clients into a complete group coaching curriculum. Structure your offer, set your price and create marketing campaigns that fill your groups.

A group coaching program gives potential new clients a way to get to know you, and your coaching style, without a huge investment. And it gives you the opportunity to move those clients up to higher-level programs, like your personalized training, a VIP day, or an exclusive mastermind retreat.

So not only can you serve a larger audience, but you can also fill your available senior coaching slots with active clients who already know and love you, and who you know will succeed.

Things to keep in mind when designing a group program include:

What will the approach or process be?

· What outcomes will the program deliver to participants?

· What format will you use?

· How will you organize your content?

· What downloadables, supplemental materials and bonuses will you provide?

· Will you have a private Facebook group to provide further support?

· Will you offer live questions and answers?

How will you launch your program?

All of these moving parts must be addressed and coordinated to have a successful group program.

Offering life coaching groups is a fun and rewarding way to diversify your income, build a thriving life coaching business, and increase your impact.

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