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Aspects of Venus-Uranus – Birds of the same plumage fly together

For lovers and friends, we tend to be attracted to those whose aspects of Venus are like ours. They share a relationship style, similar ways of expressing affection or esteem, a sense of taste, and a consensus on what is socially acceptable and what is not. By observing people and their relationships through astrology, we confirm the old saying that birds of the same plumage fly together.

In the case of the Venus-Uranus aspects, it is not just a feather but a full feather boa. And it’s not just a flock of old birds, but brightly colored peacocks or parrots. These aspects are also hereditary, so among the notable Venus-Uranus we will find Julio and Enrique Iglesias, Princess Diana and Prince William, and Michael Jackson and his son Prince Michael Jackson. Michael’s longtime friend Liz Taylor also has the conjunction.

Uranus is the planet of friendship, while Venus is about love, and the Venus-Uranus types are capable of intense but platonic relationships with all the qualities of love affairs but without overt sexual involvement. For example, women with this look may have close and loving connections with gay men. Unforgettable friends with Venus-Uranus aspects were Princess Diana and rock legend Elton John. They had an on-and-off friendship, an unfamiliar pattern with the Venus-Uranus aspects, in the sense that they were sometimes best friends, sometimes fighting.

In the end, Elton wrote a touching and unforgettable song to perform at Diana’s funeral. It said, in part, “Your candle burned out long before your legend.” Elton has Venus in Aquarius trilling Uranus in Gemini, with Uranus eliminating Venus. Diana’s Venus in Taurus was part of a T-square with Uranus in Leo opposite her Aquarius Moon. His Venus and his Moon were in close conjunction. Diana’s eldest son, Prince William, is already idolized by the public in the same way as his mother and also has a Venus-Uranus look. Your Venus is at 25 ° Taurus, just one degree from Diana’s own Venus, in out-of-sign opposition to Uranus in Sagittarius. Dodie al Fayed, Diana’s love interest who also died in the accident, had Venus trine Uranus.

What about ordinary people with aspects of Venus-Uranus? I admit that I have the conjunction. It’s on the 11th, so I’m not particularly weird, you understand, but more than a few of my friends are. We may never have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but we are a Presence in our own circles, notorious or simply tolerated for its impact value. People watch to see what we’re going to do next, condemn our behavior, then wait until it shuts down and copy us. As we age, people tend to view our eccentricities with fondness rather than disapproval, as we are now viewed as harmless.

“THEY NEVER MEET A STRANGER:” An effect of this planetary combination is the ability of instant kinship with people of different origins than yours. Their friendships generally include a fascinating mix of races, cultures, interests, and sexual beliefs. They bring together bright, sophisticated, exotic, and even quirky people who are on the cutting edge but too busy to meet often. Such friends bring excitement and sudden leaps of consciousness by exposing the native to cutting edge ideas. (A surprising finding from the database was that there were 14 cases of UFO sightings between conjunctions, pushing cross-cultural contact to the max!)

Venus-Uranus is an aspect of the Universal Brotherhood, because by establishing loving bonds with people of a variety of backgrounds, we learn that humans are equal in vital aspects. However, among the examples on AstroDataBank were people who can only be described as hate mongers. Anti-feminist shock athlete, Rush Limbaugh has a close fiftieth; Howard Stern has the opposition, the Nazi leader, Adolph Eichmann had a square; and singer Anita Bryant, who waged a heated anti-gay campaign, has the exact conjunction to the minute. It seems to be one extreme or the other with these people, but they are never conventional or politically correct!

RUNAWAY BRIDES AND OTHER DISTANCES: Many Venus-Uranus people have a seemingly endless series of short-lived but exciting associations. In the introduction to this section of the book, we looked at the graphic of Julia Roberts, who had the lead role in the movie, Runaway Bride, and who has Venus conjunct Uranus and Pluto. The movie could have been written about her!

Many with Uranus in aspect of Venus find it difficult to commit and therefore spend years chasing the fireworks of early dating, leaving or creating breakups when relating to someone becomes more routine. The pattern of broken relationships can continue until they take responsibility for generating their own enthusiasm, or until they meet a partner so Uranian that the fascination never stops. Many with this look delude themselves that they crave commitment, but repeatedly fall in love with people who are unavailable. This behavior is “crazy as a fox”, since engaging with the spacers allows them to retain their independence and continue their own development.

“UNCONVENTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS:” A typical interpretation given by astrologers of people with Venus-Uranus contacts is that they favor “unconventional relationships.” Readers with this aspect, most likely what the astrologer is delicately trying to ask is whether they are homosexual. The androgynous beauty (musicians Michael Jackson and Prince) that can accompany this look fuels speculation. Ellen Degeneres, who has the looks, lost her blockbuster show years ago after deciding that she could no longer hide her true self from the world. After several years of professional limbo, and a greater degree of public acceptance that her own actions played a significant role in creating it, she once again has a successful show and is loved by her audience.

The Venus-Uranus natives are a fascinating group. To take a closer look at the look and give these unique and fascinating people a deeper look, it would take a book in its own right, but it would be far from boring! If you have the look and the image doesn’t suit you, don’t take it seriously. You may not fit in at all, but chances are some of your lovers do. To learn more, ask a professional astrologer for an in-depth interpretation of your own Venus and what it says about your relationships.

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