Assassination of Samuel Paty: five adults and two college students indicted

On Wednesday October 21, seven people were referred, including two college students, before an examining magistrate, as part of the investigation to try to learn more about the circumstances of Samuel’s death Paty, the decapitated teacher in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), Friday October 16. They are now indicted. Six of them are for complicity in assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise.

Among them, the parent of students author of the controversial videos Brahim C. and the activist islamist Abdelhakhim Sefrioui. Their actions would have a direct causal link with the death of the professor, Samuel Paty, according to the prosecution. Three longtime friends of the terrorist are also indicted, like two college students. The latter two designated the teacher to the attacker, in exchange for money. Unlike the others, they were left free, but are placed under judicial supervision.I saw him earlier, he cried above all for this professor before crying for himself”, Assures Master Charles-Emmanuel Herbarium, lawyer for one of the college students, in the 13 Hours edition of Thursday 22 October.

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