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Astrology and the Addams Family: Venus and Mars in Scorpio

They are creepy, creepy, and mysterious. You sure know them. They have visited you at your home on your television and you may have also seen them at the movies. They are the Addams family. So what do they have to do with astrology? The characteristics of the planets and the signs of the zodiac can be easily learned by examining the archetypes that embody them. Archetypes can be found in mythological tales and in our pop culture figures. Often times, a transit of a planet will make me think of a modern character from a book or television show who personifies the qualities of that planet and sign. The current transit of Venus and Mars in Scorpio makes me immediately think of The Addams Family, particularly Morticia as Venus and Gomez as Mars.

Scorpio rules the eighth house of the astrological chart. In traditional astrology, the eighth house has to do with the occult, metaphysics, the paranormal, sex, death, taxes, and inheritance. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. The characteristics attributed to Pluto are intensity, power, destruction, resurrection, and transformation. A spooky ancestral home decorated with the macabre and mysterious, housing a family possessing intense passions and morbid proclivities living off the limitless wealth hidden in the basement is the most perfect example of Scorpio’s eighth house symbolism that I can imagine.

The Addams family movie was released to the public on November 22, 1991, under the appropriately scorpionic influence of the Sun, Mars and Pluto transiting into, you guessed it, Scorpio! I am sure that the transits of those planets in the sign of Scorpio increased the popularity of the film and the public’s enjoyment of the portrayal of the actors of the spooky family that many of us love. Not all movies based on popular TV shows live up to the hype, but I know The Addams Family lived up to mine. Raúl Julia and Anjelica Huston were wonderfully chosen to play Gomez and Morticia. I’ve watched the movie multiple times over the years when I wanted to set the Scorpio vibe for the Halloween season.

Mars is a planet of action and physical vitality. It is a male planet and represents sexual energy in matters of love. When Mars is in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, passions can run deep and both lust and anger can erupt dramatically. Mars in Scorpio may have its own moral code of conduct and rules for living. When someone breaks those rules, it is an invitation to act. When Mars in Scorpio believes in something or someone, he believes all the time and can be completely devastated if he is deceived or betrayed. In the movie The Addams Family, Gomez is completely convinced that Fester is his long-lost brother; he cannot allow himself to believe otherwise. When Gomez plays with swords, visits his money-filled basement, smashes miniature trains, or succumbs to Morticia’s icy charms, he is embodying the essence of Mars in Scorpio. Obsession is a quality of Mars in Scorpio and Gomez is obsessed with his family. Above all, he is obsessed with Morticia. As he watches her sleep, he says, “Look at her. I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what a joy!”

Venus is a planet of physical well-being, beauty, and pleasure. It is a feminine planet and represents affection in love matters. Scorpio is an intensely emotional water sign that struggles with control and exposure issues. In love and in all relationships, Scorpios prefer to have the upper hand and know more about the other than they are willing to share about themselves until they feel it is safe to do so. Venus in Scorpio can be jealous, protective, intensely loyal, and reserved. Clandestine romance, love triangles, and unrequited love are negative relationship patterns that arise from Scorpio’s fear of exposure and intimacy. These three types of relationships have distance and lack of total participation at their core. Sometimes Venus in Scorpio takes the all-or-nothing approach – if Venus in Scorpio can’t have exactly who she wants, she won’t have any at all. Yes, despite all the reputation Scorpio has as the sexiest sign of the zodiac, it can actually seem quite cold on the surface. Despite her minimal outward display of emotion, Morticia radiates a deep passion, carefully tucked into her tight dress and graceful control. Morticia is the coolest and most confident woman. It is also a perfect example of social etiquette, which Venus in Scorpio values. His manners are impeccable and he considers the needs of others, even if his values ​​are a bit skewed, as when he warns his mother: “Hush, Mom! It’s for charity! Widows and orphans. We need more.”

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is the only sign that has clearly different characteristics between the sexes. Scorpio women are more comfortable in the realm of emotions than Scorpio men. They are better able to contain sensitive emotions when they choose not to express them. Not all Scorpio men can reconcile the softness and sensitivity of Scorpio feminine water energy with the stereotypical, strong, and dangerous image of the Scorpio bad boy that they think they should project. When a Scorpio man feels too much emotion, he can release it as anger rather than risk appearing vulnerable. Many Scorpio women are the coolest and calmest women you will ever meet. They prefer to wait, watch, and attract others patiently through intention, like a spider in a web. Like Morticia, the less they talk, the more they seem to say, especially with those expressive eyes. A Scorpio woman has powerful family instincts. Morticia walks and talks to Fester through the family cemetery to impress him on the importance of her family history. A female scorpion is such a good mother that she can take care of baby scorpions that do not belong to her. A Scorpio mother can be protective, but she rarely drowns her children. Although you may have your own strict Scorpio rules, you encourage your children to become strong and think for themselves. There is a scene that I love in the movie The Addams Family where Wednesday, stalking Pugsley with a knife, passes Morticia at the kitchen table. Morticia stops by Wednesday and asks, “Is that for your brother? I don’t think so.” She frees Wednesday from the knife, but gives him a much larger, more deadly-looking weapon. That is empowering! It may seem that Morticia is unfamiliar with her children, but she doesn’t miss much. Venus in Scorpio is receptive, intuitive, and capable of knowing what others are thinking or feeling.

For an in-depth astrology lesson on Venus and Mars in Scorpio, watch the movie The Addams Family and pay special attention to the patriarch, Gomez Addams, and the matriarch, Morticia Addams. Together, they show us the masculine qualities of Mars in Scorpio and the feminine qualities of Venus in Scorpio, two halves of a passionate whole. Gomez asks, “Are you unhappy, honey?” Morticia responds: “I am very sad, darling.”

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