At least nine dead in eastern Turkey from an earthquake with an epicenter in Iran

A house destroyed after the earthquake in Baskale (Turkey), this Sunday. On video, the second earthquake surprises a live reporter. Ap | Video: Atlas

At least nine people have died this Sunday in eastern Turkey by an earthquake of magnitude 5.7 on the Richter scale with its epicenter in Iran, as reported by the Turkish Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylu. At least 37 people have been injured and during the afternoon they have ended the search for the injured and it has been ensured that no people are trapped under the rubble, as reported by the Interior Minister.

The minister has indicated that the earthquake, which took place at 5:52 a.m. Spanish peninsular time, has reached a magnitude of 5.7 and has affected several villages in the Baskale municipality, in the Van province, on the border with Iran.

Several teams from the Turkish emergency service AFAD have traveled to the area to work in the collapsed places, and the minister has shown Turkey’s willingness to collaborate with Iran in the rescue of people on the other side of the border, if a request comes. in this sense.

Local authorities in Baskale have assured the Turkish Anadolu agency that the municipality has about 80 households and 700 residents, but that, according to currently available information, there are no people trapped in the rubble. In neighboring Iran, the victims were registered in the town of Qotur, in the province of West Azerbaijan, according to the governor of this region, Mohamad Mahdi Shahriarí, who has not offered an exact balance of injuries. The ruler has explained to the official IRNA agency that some houses in this town have been partially or completely destroyed. Rescue and relief operations have worked during the day in the area affected by the disaster, where the Iranian Red Crescent has dispatched five of its teams.

The earthquake, which has had at least seven aftershocks and has been felt in nearby cities such as Tabriz and Urumía, took place at a depth of six kilometers. Iran has strong seismic activity as it is located on the boundary of several tectonic plates and is crossed by several
failures. The last earthquake of great devastating power, of magnitude 7.3, occurred in November 2017 in the province of Kermanshah, where it caused 620 deaths and more than 12,000 injuries. In Turkey, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake caused 35 deaths and more than a thousand injured in the past
January 24.



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