Auction of land of Thien Thanh Group in Da Nang

On June 10, Danang Property Auction Service Center announced the auction of land use rights at 209 Truong Chinh, An Khe ward, Thanh Khe district. This is the property being handled for judgment enforcement in the case involving Pham Cong Danh and Thien Thanh Group Co., Ltd.

This land has an area of ​​22,697.2 m2, the purpose of use is residential land in urban areas, long-term land use. Property on the land is a 3-storey office building, a security house. The total starting price of auctioned assets is VND 704,445 billion. In which, the value of land use rights is 702,319 billion VND; The value of construction works is 2.125 billion VND.

The auction is scheduled to take place on June 24 at the Danang Property Auction Service Center in the form of direct voting, the method of bidding up. The property is currently in the name of Thien Thanh Group Co., Ltd., according to the certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other land-attached assets issued by the People’s Committee of Da Nang in 2011.

Land No. 209 Truong Chinh – Da Nang

According to the auction notice, 1 working day prior to the opening of the auction, the judgment debtor has the right to receive the distrained property if he/she has fully paid the judgment enforcement money and paid actual and reasonable expenses incurred in the development. arising from the enforcement of judgments and auctions.

The property buyer will carry out the procedures for transferring the ownership and use rights of the property by themselves; pay the registration fee, strictly comply with the general planning of the city, follow-up procedures when implementing the project, and at the same time fulfill the obligation to pay the additional amount according to the conclusion of the Government Inspector and other payables. other than that required by law to be borne by the buyer.

The party owning the property will bear the annual property tax, corporate income tax, notarization fee of the property purchase and sale contract, electricity and water bills, and financial obligations related to the property that are required by law to pay. , deducted from the sale of assets to pay.

Previously, on May 11, 2018, the People’s Committee of Da Nang City received a document from the Civil Judgment Enforcement Department on the acceptance and organization of civil judgment enforcement for Pham Cong Danh and Thien Thanh Group Co., Ltd. the amount to be executed is more than 3,600 billion VND.

Assets that must be handled for judgment enforcement include land use rights, ownership of houses and properties attached to land in parcel 71, map sheet 14 No. 209 Truong Chinh, and land use rights and rights. owning houses and assets attached to land in the land plots of the Chi Lang stadium complex, Hai Chau district.

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