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Bodyweight Training – The Dreaded 8 Count Bodybuilders

Why are so many people afraid of the dreaded 8-count bodybuilder? Because they are a brutal bodyweight exercise that has been used in the military by Elite Navy Seals.

I have read and bought many books on military training in every part of the military. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines all list the 8 count bodybuilder exercise as one of the exercises that helps them get in great shape.

But a book, a Navy Seal training manual, talks about how every Friday they would have to do 1×100 of this brutal exercise. And how the Seals hated it, I read this many years ago when I was transitioning from weight training to bodyweight training.

I thought how difficult could it be? The first time I did it, I managed 60 of these bodybuilders and thought I would never do it again. But, there was no way that would happen. I was on my own mission to do 100 in 10 minutes and I did it.

Which made me want to know more about these and the fact that the author of the book left the dreaded 8 counts out of the drill section because of how brutal they are. I like that. If he left it out because he hated them, he wanted to make them.

Many years have passed and I still do them and it is still a feat to get 100 in less than 10 minutes. The best was 600 in 1 hour and 100 in under 15 minutes using a 40 pound vest.

These are tough workouts and the exercise will work your entire body quite well. I have combined 8 counts with bodyweight squats and also used a combo using bodybuilders and a jump rope, both are amazing exercises for burning fat and building strength.

If you only managed 50 of these beasts, the average man would not be average. Anyone who’s a bit skeptical scroll through a few right now and see how many you can get in 1 minute or 2 minutes. I think he will be surprised.

The only drawback is that most people will never do them as a regular part of their training, and the reason is that they are very demanding. You can be like everyone else and do everyone else’s workouts; you know the workouts designed by the average man for the average man.

Do you want to be elite? You train and do the exercises that the elite train with!

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