Brittany: a rave party which brought together hundreds of chirkers was interrupted by the gendarmerie during the night from Friday to Saturday

The rave party which brought together hundreds of people in the Côtes-d’Armor in Brittany, was interrupted by the gendarmerie on the night of Friday April 30 to Saturday May 1, according to information from franceinfo. After a game of cat and mouse with the gendarmes, 300 teufeurs arrived around 11 p.m. Friday in the commune of Haut-Corlay and installed their vans and their sound-system in a field of wind turbines.

Saturday evening, 150 parties were still there, indicates France Bleu Breizh Izel. There has been no arrival of revelers since the end of the morning, but the gendarmes will remain mobilized tonight. In total, seven of them were injured and transported to Saint-Brieuc hospital. Among them is a colonel of the gendarmerie.

“We expected a lot more people, probably several thousand”, reacts Hélène Croze, chief of staff of the Prefect of Côtes d’Armor, “to prevent the arrival of new participants, the gendarmes intervened on site to capture the sound around 1:30”. Clashes followed the intervention, the gendarmes having been targeted by projectile fire. “They were targeted by the participants and violently attacked, continues Hélène Croze, there are seven gendarmes slightly wounded. They were seen by the emergency rooms of the hospitals of Saint-Brieuc and Pontivy and came out this morning “.

More than 500 Covid offenses have been drawn up. There was no arrest but seizures of equipment were made, according to the prefecture of Côtes-d’Armor. The police simply carried out attestation checks. According to the director of the prefect’s cabinet, the situation is under control: “We are less afraid of the arrival of large numbers once we catch the sound. But the risk is not completely ruled out.” Hélène Croze specifies that “65 gendarmes are present on site and checks are carried out on the upstream axes to ensure that no new participant tries to come to the occupied site”.

A procession of about fifty cars and vans had first met in Langueux, near Saint-Brieuc around 7 p.m., reports France Bleu Armorique. The young drivers then headed for Cohiniac, north of Quintin. Groups have split up in an attempt to cover their tracks. Around 9 p.m., in Cohiniac, a farmer fearing to see them settle in the area, began to spread slurry in his field, he was helped by a colleague who dumped tons of earth, which prevented the ‘access to chiropractors.

The participants came from far away, as evidenced by the license plates of vehicles from Gers and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. In total, nearly 500 revelers took part in the rave party. The prefects of the four Breton departments had taken orders prohibiting any festive gathering of a musical nature this weekend.

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