Businesses are worried that they cannot last 3 on the spot

Mr. Chu Tien Dung, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Business Association (HUBA), said that while being heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply chain was broken, many businesses still tried to implement “3 on the spot”. “. It is even more difficult to maintain production and business in the “3 on-site” condition because many problems arise in the transportation of raw materials and goods, as well as the organization of purchasing and importing goods, and especially stressful. in taking care of and stabilizing enterprises.

Therefore, it is recommended that the authorities quickly guide businesses to implement “3 on the spot” to be more convenient in organizing activities during this difficult period. “Previously, the city issued 6 sets of criteria for epidemic prevention and control for businesses, now it is proposed that the city issue a set of criteria to guide enterprises to organize production according to “3 on-site” accordingly. in terms of circulation, transportation of goods, raw materials, warehousing, support for the recovery of domestic supply chains, along with the provision of capital, tax debt rescheduling policy…” – Mr. Dung said.

Sharing with member enterprises, Mr. Dung acknowledged that the epidemic situation was still very complicated. Health experts estimate that from now until mid-August, the new epidemic situation will decrease sharply. If it lasts “3 places” until then, many businesses can’t stand it. According to Mr. Dung, with the current situation, the risk of supply chains in the domestic market being broken is increasing, enterprises are forced to import foreign materials for production, domestic suppliers will lose market share.

Also worried about the possibility that businesses could not extend the “3 on-site” to 30-40 days, Ms. Ly Kim Chi, President of the Food and Food Association of Ho Chi Minh City, said that the state had very good policies to remove problems with taxes, banking, traffic … but businesses need to know the city’s anti-epidemic plan to actively prepare. “During the execution of “3 in place” detects F0, what will it do?” – Mrs. Chi asked the question.

In fact, there have been enterprises who discovered the F0 case while performing “3 on the spot” but reported it to the authorities at all levels and were not guided to handle it in a timely manner, making the enterprise very passive, worried about taking F0 away and then getting sprayed. Disinfection, continue production, what are the steps to implement? “The city needs to give power to the ward government to handle the F0 case. If there is a F0 case at the enterprise, the ward should handle it immediately so that the business can stabilize production,” – Ms. Chi suggested.

At the program, businesses shared their experience of organizing “3 places”, especially the management of “enterprise society”. According to businesses, there are difficulties in “enterprise society”, if business owners do not promptly solve it, it will be very complicated. Forecasting internal conflicts in the enterprise system in the “3 on-the-spot” days will be a big challenge for businesses. Workers are not allowed to go home and bring a lot of worries and inhibitions that will accumulate, leading to low production efficiency, even inefficiency. “Applying “3 on the spot”, production and business costs both increase and cannot be prolonged,” said Mr. Nguyen Dang Hien, General Director of Bidrico Company.

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