Ceiling or floor, let the market decide!

The leader of a corporation operating in both the aviation and tourism sectors is already a market mechanism, it is necessary to operate according to the principles of the market, even the free market. Enterprises participating in this market, the profit or loss is due to the way they operate and operate. The problem of floor price on the basis of the reasonable operating fee of the airline ensures that the airlines do not devalue, the competition is not healthy; adjusting the ceiling price to suit the market situation and input costs … is not reasonable.

In particular, in the transport sector to meet the daily travel needs of people, of other economic sectors … it is even more impossible to impose floor prices.

Even with the ceiling price, while there are suggestions for the ceiling price, airlines will “shake hands” each other to push the prices up, passengers suffer losses, the business leader frankly said that if the airlines “catch hands “price increases will certainly be boycotted by customers.”

Consumers are now very smart, they know the reasonable price to pay for products and services, including travel costs by air. Many services with unreasonably high prices are boycotted or not used … For example, the flight route between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on holidays, Tet is often “stuck” in the afternoon from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Due to the high demand for home country, the price of air tickets also increased. In contrast, the afternoon from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City is very cheap, even 0 VND does not have customers because there is no need. East or absence of customers is determined by the market demand, regardless of the will of the firms.

Therefore, the proposed floor price is not stable, but it is necessary for the market to self-regulate according to the supply-demand relationship. Not to mention, in the context that Vietnam has been participating in a series of free trade agreements with developed markets such as the European Union, Japan, and South Korea … if only Vietnam applies a floor price, then how integration?

Some businesses in the tourism sector also believe that the market economy needs to be competitive, the state only manages it based on the common interests of society, not for a business or a particular industry. Therefore, the proposal to impose a floor ticket price to avoid unfair competition, which is beneficial for some airlines but causes damage to passengers, to the economy is unreasonable.

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