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Chakra Crystal Healing: A Practical Guide

Who among us really understands the chakras? For all we know about these seven spinal energy points, much remains to be discovered.

According to ancient texts, the chakras appear as spinning wheels of light. In fact, the word chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. The chakras receive and emit energy, which can be negative or positive depending on the health of this energy. During the healing process, you will discover differences in the needs of each chakra. You should not fear this challenge. Think of your chakras like a garden, each flower requiring specialized care. Some chakras will require less attention, while others are more demanding. Dedication to this self-scrutiny makes healing the chakras as challenging as it is rewarding.

The guidelines below can be modified to suit your needs. When choosing stones, pay attention not to size or appearance, but to your reaction to holding them. Some of these crystals may not look familiar to you, but you will likely find them in a metaphysical or rock store. Although you may enjoy this introduction to chakra healing, it is best to undertake long-term treatment with the guidance of a trained professional. In addition to being experienced, many professional chakra healers are highly intuitive. Your objective view can help you understand the reasons for each imbalance. This can be healing in itself.

1st Chakra: This is the root chakra. It is located at the base of the spine or tailbone. The root chakra belongs to the realm of the physical. If you feel grounded, secure, and grounded in the present, this chakra needs little attention. However, many are not so blessed. A blocked root chakra can lead you to cling to the physical, becoming clingy and overly possessive. Conversely, if you are too open here, you can feel alien to your body and possessions. As a result, they may take advantage of your generosity.

Crystal Correction: Obsidian opens a blocked chakra. This gemstone provides a peaceful, centered perspective, so the impulse to compulsively acquire is replaced by an understanding of the temporary nature of possessions. To cure blockages, place a piece of obsidian in your genital region while lying on your back. As you relax more, the strength of the stone will connect with yours, enhancing it. An abundantly open root needs rose quartz. Although normally associated with the heart, this soft rose quartz allows us to accept and love ourselves, so that we can protect ourselves by saying no.

2nd Chakra: The sacral chakra controls our sexual energy and creativity. You only need to press two inches below your belly button to feel its location. The gift of a balanced sacral chakra is expressiveness and style. A block can result in resistance to new ideas. A sacral chakra that is too open is evident in the “drama queen,” as well as in all reckless behaviors, from jumping out of bed to dangerous driving.

Correction Crystal: Carnelian: This variety of quartz is beautiful for opening the sacral zone. Although it can be found in many colors, the stimulating qualities of red or orange cheer up the timid. This allows us to pursue our dreams, without fear-based illusions blocking our path. Conversely, if this chakra is too open, you may need lapis luizi. This light blue, historic stone was highly prized in ancient Egypt and Babylonia. Today we can use its moderating properties to help us act carefully. In Crystal, Gems & Metal Magic, Scott Cunningham writes: “Simply touching the body with this stone improves your mental, physical, spiritual, psychic and emotional condition.” For optimal benefits for the second chakra, rest this stone for as long as you like.

3rd Chakra: This is your solar plexus, also known as the power center. Here lies an untapped reserve of will and heroism. When this chakra is healthy, we understand our potential and are motivated to explore it. When we are blocked we can feel “butterflies in the stomach” or suffer from other stomach ailments. A blocked center of power makes us act and feel powerless. The opposite problem occurs when this energy center is too wide.

Crystal Correction: Golden Beryl is a light lemon yellow stone that directs the will and enhances confidence. Therefore, it is fantastic for third chakra blockages. Placing this stone two inches above your belly button will release your power center, helping you achieve your goals. For those overwhelmed by this chakra, green jade is in order. This calming stone helps to channel our passions in a gentle and harmless way, and reduces negative impulses towards others.

4th Chakra: This is the heart chakra and its location is self-explanatory. This is the divine sphere of spiritual growth, love, resilience, and high ideals. A congested heart chakra makes us overly critical of both others and ourselves. In this condition, it is difficult for us to open ourselves to the possibilities of love and friendship. On the contrary, if our hearts are too big, we can try to do the impossible, trying to carry the weight of the world.

Crystal Correction: Placed over the heart, Green Jasper helps us feel safe enough to open up and reveal ourselves. This facilitates honest and joyful communication. For boundless heart, try peridot. This pale pastel green stone also recharges us by calming us down. Peridot allows us to be understanding but not sacrificial.

5th Chakra: The throat chakra helps us communicate through both words and physical language. It is located at the base of the throat. When this chakra is balanced, we speak honestly and confidently. If we are blocked here, our deception is subtle. For example, we may omit information. Alternatively, if this chakra is enlarged, we talk too much and without foresight. This is commonly known as “foot in the mouth” syndrome.

Crystal Correction: Sodalite; a beautiful navy blue stone, helps with a constricted throat chakra. This crystal gives us courage and clarity. Knowing our truth, we can speak it with conviction. On the other hand, those with an expansive fifth chakra need to speak their truth more quietly. In this capacity, amber is useful. This stone is intensely moving. In The Crystal Handbook, Kevin Sullivan reveals that “in Viennese esoteric literature, amber marked the resting place of the spirit or spirits believed to animate the stone.” The fossilized sap of a tree several million years old, amber gives us the natural wisdom of the primitive earth.

6th Chakra: Many know this energy center, located between the eyebrows, as the 3rd eye. When in balance, this chakra gives us the ability to look beyond appearances, revealing our innate psychic potential. However, when it’s locked, we stick to unexamined facts. This leads to rigid thinking and interrupted joy. However, if we are too open here, we can be disconnected from the physical world. The inability to close the psychic eye, when appropriate, floods you with an unsettling sense of unreality. Balance is key. Just as we dream, we must also wake up

Crystal Correction: A moonstone placed on the sixth chakra can clear up issues that blind our intuition and open the mind to the unseen. Because moonstone is related to cycles of change, it invites personal growth. This helps us tune into the flow, welcoming spontaneity and releasing rigidity. With an unnecessarily open third eye, Blue Lace Agate is needed. This pretty sky blue stone sharpens our focus, clearing the clutter of psychic distraction.

7th Chakra: Wow! Words are not enough to express the ability of the crown chakra, located at the top center of your head, this chakra presents the possibility of enlightenment. Although balancing it will not make us a Buddha, it will surely take us to heights of spiritual ecstasy and connect us with our life’s purpose. If you’re stuck here, you’re far from alone. A healthy crown chakra is rare. It is the gift of tireless efforts in spiritual self-development. When we are blocked, we can be confused about our career and lack lasting peace and enthusiasm. In order to obtain maximum results in balancing this chakra, we must first ensure the well-being of our previous chakras. Having this chakra too open is rarely a problem, unless you don’t like joy and harmony. Yet we live among the disenchanted. We must be able to communicate with both the cynic and the grieving. Otherwise we are stuck in our own mind. As safe as this place is, it can get pretty lonely.

Crystal Correction – Clear Quartz is a trusted healer for all chakras, but is particularly helpful in opening the closed crown. Due to the location of the seventh chakra, the selected crystal should be small enough to rest on top of your head. This stone provides clarity of purpose and allows us to see the larger meaning of everyday events. In doing so, it guides us to understand and live in tune with universal truths. For those with an overly open crown chakra, hematite is healing. It is also grounded. By drawing attention to the practical realities of existence, this dark and powerful stone will help us meet our own earthly needs and those of others.

Sidebar: Uncover your blocks with a pendulum

Using a pendulum is a quick and reliable way to self-diagnose imbalances in your chakras. To get started, get a 6-sided quartz pendulum from a string or chain. Many metaphysical stores have these beauties. Hold this crystal firmly over the chakra that interests you the most. Soon, you will notice the crystal start to move. Don’t worry about the direction of the swing. Rather, the width is what is important. An extremely wide swing indicates an overly open chakra, while a tight, shaky swing identifies a blockage.

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