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Charred Trumpism: repudiation denied

With an administration responsible for a track record of ineptitude that includes more than 240,000 dead Americans, Democrats had reason to believe that a day of repudiation was over. Although some state policies ran in their favor, the number of deputies fell, and there was clearly no overwhelming shift towards a unified democratic government. Why? Because Trumpism is now charred.

Political experts explained that some House districts reverted to their deep red origins, that state offices made great Democratic progress, and that voters are reluctant to yield all three branches of government to one party, so often they divide their votes. I call “Horse Hockey”!

In 2016, the Republican information sphere was dubbed a bubble, but Trumpism has now charred it into a shield against logic and fact, creating its own deadly worldview as virulent as the Covid-19 virus itself. How do we know this?

The fact that 50% of all voters in the Midwest know someone who has died or who has helped fill their rural hospitals to the limit SHOULD have led to a clear repudiation. The horrible and avoidable mortality of Covid-19, mishandled by Trump and his enablers, SHOULD have easily pushed the electorate towards Democrats up and down the list. Period. So how did Trump get more, not fewer votes, than in 2016? The Cabonizer.

The explanation did not come from psychologists, public experts or pocket forecasters. It came from my financial advisor. He explained how this cocoon of ignorance, hardened and bloated so potently as to accuse our most trusted and dedicated professionals, the heroic and weary doctors and nurses of this country, of fraud.

Our front-line medical workers are weary and frustrated by this impenetrable shield of ignorance. Longtime epidemiologists, some working on the vaccine, have grimly called this winter’s projected Covid-19 casualties “a slaughter.” Like New York, we are seeing freezer trucks reaching Midwestern hospitals.

All Americans deserve better, but 40% are “under the influence.” If it were an armed conflict, they would have been declared deserters. They have left their place in our democracy.

This is how he explained charring. Five companies on the Nasdaq / QQQ stock exchange now dominate global investment and customer loyalty by a wide margin above all others. Can you name them? Hint: multinational oil companies are gone. The younger you are, the more likely you are to name all five. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple dominate safe investing and global popularity, by a wide margin, over all other companies. This is not a healthy financial environment.

More importantly, with the exception of China, the first two control most of the political information absorbed in the world. Unfortunately, that information is dedicated to creating fear in others, which can only be satisfied with more clicks and more reading, resulting in more ad dollars per minute.

The 2016 US election results granted and simplified the strategy for these Facebook and Google adware. Intelligence sources say these ad dollars, with the help of Trump loyalists, were precisely matched to vulnerable counties in the rust belt. Under the protection of free speech, the fascination of political innuendo and fear became a mainstay of online profits, much of that content controlled by Russian troll farms or GRU agents.

The algorithms responsible for selling regular products proved enormously profitable when they became the political arena and required no fact-checking, despite frequent warnings from intelligence agencies. It is now very clear that this charred Trumpism, through internet sales of disinformation, served Republican interests in the 2020 general election. An election that should have been an avalanche of repudiation if that part of the voting electorate had been lending. attention. But they were busy in another way.

Clicks that start with harmless curiosity take the user further down a rabbit hole into unfounded political accusations, hate speech, and fear-driven paranoia. Soon, each session brings more temptation to explore unfounded conspiracy theories that are contrary to our constitutional beliefs and detrimental to our collective mental AND physical health as a nation.

This cocktail of fear-based political fantasy helped elect the first outspoken member of Q-Anon for this cycle’s congress. Yes, misinformation users also show signs of dependency, such as damage to their responsibilities, career, and lifestyle. Is there a simple intervention?

Like a slots player “sticking” to the chair of his favorite machine, strings of political advertisements and links to hate groups and widely discredited stories become addictive and believed to be fact over time. A victim of this deepening misinformation led a follower to visit an alleged child slavery ring in the basement of a popular Washington DC family pizzeria with an assault rifle. It is not a coupon for a deep dish.

We now know that 40% of the voting electorate is being held hostage to these subtle, sinister, and mathematically accurate instincts. We now know that 40% of the voting population has been lost to them with little hope of returning, regardless of the circumstances surrounding them.

Neither a dying relative nor a trusted family doctor can break the dominance of these political algorithms, these filthy formulas. Only those in the depths of opioid addiction compare worse to this “charred Trumpism.”

Is there an antidote? Fortunately, yes! Independent, real-time, and third-party fact-checkers can monitor all political content on air and online with posted warnings. Just as the first cigarette warning labels gave the new user a chance to battle the suave Marlboro Man on TV, it’s time to monitor these new, seductive and dangerously addictive browser profit centers. Real-time debunking is not difficult to execute.

Reversing this cultural addiction will require the political will of the people and public outcry. Google and Facebook should be held accountable for violating the strong nature of healthy, traditional American skepticism, to their own advantage. A new and modern warning to free speech protections must be forged to stand next to shouting “Fire” in a crowded building when there is none. Dangerous misinformation threatens our health as a nation and requires guardrails to stop the “charring of Trumpism.” Hans Solo came out. We can too!

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