China checked Covid-19 to every box, pangasius was in trouble

On November 19, talking to reporters, Ong Hang Van, Deputy Director of Truong Giang Fisheries Joint Stock Company (Dong Thap), said that China has just issued a new regulation to prevent Covid-19, causing influence. seriously affect Vietnam’s pangasius export.

“From the beginning of the year until now, pangasius has been facing many difficulties, having just flourished again, but now it has encountered new problems. In the past week, when the new regulations of China took effect, the price of pangasius fillets from 2.2-2.3 USD / kg reduced to 1.8 USD / kg. Regarding Covid-19. Accordingly, the consignment must be inspected by Chinese customs each case, a 2,000-box container must be inspected all 2,000 cases, not representative inspection; then the consignment must be sprayed. Finally, it is necessary to hire an independent unit to inspect and certify that these boxes are not contaminated with Covid-19 before they can be put on the market. With this process, it takes customers 1-2. Only a month after taking a container with many additional costs, they postpone the purchase “- Mr. Van worried.

Customers visit Vietnamese seafood stalls at Vietfish Fair held in Ho Chi Minh City

According to Mr. Van, the new Chinese rule stems from having 2 batches of frozen food from Europe and America that are suspected to be the source of Covid-19 infection. From the beginning of the year until now, the samples of Vietnamese seafood imported from China to check Covid-19 are all negative for Covid-19, but affected by the new regulations.

Recently, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) citing sources from foreign media said that the Chinese government has issued a “comprehensive preventive sterilization plan” for food and imported frozen seafood after it believed that these were sources of Covid-19 infection in Qingdao and Tianjin.

Accordingly, the entire frozen food supply chain is subject to Covid-19 inspection. If the test results positive for Covid-19, the frozen food will be returned or destroyed. If the test results are negative, the product must still be disinfected in its outer packaging and container prior to consumption.

According to VASEP, as of the first half of October, the total pangasius export value to the Chinese market reached 385.9 million USD, accounting for 34.4% of the total pangasius export value, down 20.6% compared to same period last year. There are currently more than 130 Vietnamese enterprises exporting pangasius to China with a variety of items such as frozen fillets, frozen stomachs, fried / dried / dried fish bubbles, frozen pangasius whole cold, frozen fish belly, cut / cut fillet with skin, frozen seasoned fillet, whole frozen offal …

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