Christmas Eve: families redouble their inventiveness

This Christmas Eve 2020 will certainly not be like the others, but it will be Christmas all the same with the Guillo family. Each year, fifteen of them meet in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), around a well-decorated table. Unfortunately, they will only be four this year. “When we learned that the epidemic was on the way again and that we were going to have confinement, I naturally suggested to my mother to give her her Provencal Christmas in Paris”, assures Elizabeth Guillo, the organizer of Réveillon.

Covid-19 requires, the santons are even mounted in Paris. On New Year’s Eve, they will rub shoulders with virtual guests, such as the daughter of Elizabeth Guillo, who lives in Mexico. At dinner on December 24, the time difference will be favorable this time. The rest of the family quickly adapted to the connected Christmas. “My brother is a doctor in the North, my little sister is in Belgium and we will all be on videoconferencing in France. My mother does not often use the Internet, so this is also the opportunity to have her on videoconference with us. . “

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