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Cindy Crawford – Shape Your Body Workout – Review

This video consists of two routines, a 40-minute routine that works the legs, abs, shoulders, and arms a 45-minute routine that works the back, abs, chest, buttocks, and focuses on stretching and tone the legacy. Also included is a full body routine that uses no equipment and lasts 10 minutes. You really have to be ready for this workout because it’s full of energy. I’m soaking wet when it’s over. Each video begins with a warm-up, then you are introduced to exercises that work your abs, legs, arms, and shoulders, followed by a cool-down. She constantly reminds you to drink lots of water and breaks are given often, but she didn’t have to remind me because I sweated so much I drank about 40 ounces of water during the entire video.

Exercises that focus on the legs are good because you work them in a way that you feel the burn without feeling the pain. I have to warn you that leg exercises consist of a lot of kicks and leg swings, so make sure you have room for it.

The warm-ups in each of the training sessions are the same, so I don’t have a problem because they are short and she progresses in training. I especially like the upbeat music that goes along with the moves because it really ignites your energy.

I have read some reviews on the Shape Your Body workout video and they are mostly positive, but some reviewers stated that the movements are too fast and unsafe. Some feel that she is not adequately trained to instruct people in such an intense style of training. I must admit, this one is not for a beginner, but those who are used to Cindy Crawford’s previous workout videos will know what to expect. Reviews from many customers also indicated that they felt they had a really challenging workout when using it. I think the best thing to do when you feel like you’re not ready to do something like the number of reps per exercise is to cut back until you’re ready.

If you think you’ll be put off by Cindy’s bare feet and the fact that she wears a swimsuit and pouts her lips from time to time, as she has in some of her other workout videos, then this may not be for you. you. However, if you can get past that, know that Cindy and her personal trainer Radu de Ella do a great job of presenting a high-performance exercise video. Beginners do not need to apply!

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