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Cooking in a clay pot: 10 important tips

Thinking of cooking in a clay pot? It is clear that you are one of those who cares about your health and wants to cook food in the healthiest way. Choosing healthy ingredients and following various tips to cook healthy and nutritious food will do you no good if you are not using the right cookware. Conventional metal and ceramic cookware leach and destroy nutrients from food, leaving it contaminated and devoid of nutritional value. Crock pot cooking is the oldest but still the healthiest method of cooking all kinds of food. Here are 10 tips to help you get started cooking in a natural, unglazed clay pot:

1. Perfect for healthy eating: No matter what the manufacturers claim, no other cookware compares to the crock pot. 100% natural clay is the only natural material that is free of contaminants and preserves the nutrients in food during cooking. This makes it perfect for healthy cooking.

2. It has been there since ancient times: This cooking method has been around for a long time. People started using metals only a century or two ago, but they didn’t know what this ‘change’ could do to their health.

3. Non-toxic pot: If your pot is unglazed and made from 100% pure clay (no additives), it is the safest and least toxic pot to cook with.

4. Cook faster with use: In some cooking uses in these pots, the cooking time is reduced and most recipes cook at about the same time or faster (with gas).

5. No need to soak every time: Pots made from primary clay that are cooked over high heat do NOT need to be soaked each time before use. This makes cooking in crock pots much more convenient.

6. Can be used in different heat sources: You can use crock pots on gas, electric, outdoor grills, oven, induction on all cooking surfaces.

7. Must be properly dried before storage: While they like to use them constantly, it’s important to properly dry a pure clay pot if you’re storing them for a while. All you need is to clean it with a cotton towel and store it in a ventilated area. They can grow some harmless mold if they’re not completely dry, but they can be easily cleaned by rubbing in some vinegar and rinsing with warm water.

8. Multifunctional: Pure clay pots and pans can be used for almost all types of cooking. If you find the right one, they are actually multi-functional, from using them as a pressure cooker to dutch oven, cooking rice and grains and much more… Some of these pots can meet all your cooking needs!

9. Avoid deep frying: Pure clay pots are not recommended for frying. You can use a little oil if your recipe calls for it.

10. Lighter than cast iron: Some may think clay is heavy, but it really isn’t… A 6-quart cast iron weighs about 15 pounds, where the same capacity, 6-quart Miriams Earthen Cookware is 5 pounds. It is robust and strong well! MEC in all these years having sold a few thousand pots, has reported 2 broken pots.

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