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Corinthian Quartz – Stone of Hope

Corinthian Quartz crystals represent hope. The inner knowing that there is a different, more promising, richer and more joyful reality that we can create for ourselves, simply by allowing it to be so. I love these beautiful stones. They come from mines outside the city of Corinto in Brazil. I put one of them on my altar for a few days and then sat channeling with it. This is what the crystal revealed:

Dear one, you hold in your hand the solid representation of the Light. It is the light that permeates all Beings, the perfect form. Use this light to illuminate a tangled path. Call on this crystal when things seem hopeless and it will help you light a new path. At this time in human evolution, a great upheaval is manifesting, and we (the crystals) have chosen to appear to assist you.

This crystal family carries information, the blueprint, so to speak, of an era of peace and abundance. Each individual crystal has information specific to the person who is attracted to it. The stones speak with the language of love that is Universal and understood by all.

We will help you realize concrete ways that are specific to each individual, how to let go of the struggle of life and open yourself to the flow of abundance that is always available. How to be the water that flows around all obstacles easily and gracefully.

Each person will only be attracted to one stone, and this is the crystal that has agreed to travel with that particular person. It will provide a connection to the inner inner light, where all the answers are known, spoken in a language all humans can understand. There is nothing you need to know that is outside of you.

This is what I got from my particular crystal. I always encourage everyone to sit with their crystals and receive their own messages, but if this resonates with your heart, it can be a good starting point for work. To see a selection of these crystals for sale, click here now.

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