COVID-19 causes serious damage to children’s hearts

According to research published in the academic journal The Lancet, COVID-19 can induce MIS-C in children. Furthermore, according to Dr. Alvaro Moreira from the University of Texas Medical Science Center, MIS-C can occur 3-4 weeks after a viral infection, even in asymptomatic cases.

MIS-C – a new childhood disease associated with SARS-COV-2

Children may have no symptoms, no one realizes they are sick and after a few weeks, can develop excessive inflammation in the body, Dr. Moreira said. This is a new childhood illness that we believe is related to SARS-COV-2 “.

The disease can be fatal because it attacks multiple organs at the same time and even doctors will have difficulty detecting it at first, as it can occur in the heart, lungs, and digestive system. chemistry or nervous system.

Symptoms in MIS-C were more pronounced than those in COVID-19

Giving information on patients with MIS-C, Dr Moreira said, MIS-C is found in a very small proportion of children infected with COVID-19, the vast majority of children with MIS-C also have sexual conditions Various medical conditions such as obesity. However, symptoms in MIS-C were much higher than for COVID-19. According to doctors, an index used to diagnose heart attacks in adults, which can be 50 times higher than the normal level in children with MIS-C.

“Our research shows that MIS-C can cause latent tissue damage in the heart and in order to see the long-term effects of the disease, children should be under close health monitoring,” says Dr. Moreira shares.

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