Covid-19: in Dunkirk, the incidence rate exceeds 900 cases, the mayor requests an urgent meeting with the Prime Minister

In the urban community of Dunkirk (North), the incidence rate exceeds 900 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, more than four times the national average (193 on February 18), France Bleu Nord learned from the regional agency. health.

This rate is even higher than that of the Nice sector (Alpes-Maritimes), which is 751 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, three times the national average. The department will be subject to local containment for the next two weekends, due to the health situation. In Dunkirk, the incidence rate was already high in recent days: 713 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on Friday February 12, 658 on Monday February 15.

Dunkirk is in great difficulty today, warned on franceinfo Patrick Goldstein, the head of the Emergency Department and the SAMU at the CHRU of Lille.The incidence rate on patients over 65 is around 250, which is well above the alert thresholds. There are also a number of patients younger than during the first episodes of the second wave, since the patients are on average seven years younger than those in November.“, worries the doctor, who mentions”a real tension on the hospital of Dunkirk“.

Patrick Goldstein also evokes the difficulty or even the impossibility of finding places for patients to be hospitalized: “We were looking for places for patients who were 48, 50, 52 years old, but we couldn’t find any in the Nord or Pas-de-Calais.

What worries us is that the patients are younger and do not necessarily have many more comorbid factors

Patrick goldstein

to franceinfo

“We have a proportion of 55/65 years which is really important“, details Patrick Goldstein. The doctor wonders about the fact that the elderly patients were the most affected, but are now perhaps”better protected“because of their vaccination.

What worries around Dunkirk is the very large presence of the English variant: in the week of February 15 to 21, 70% of samples taken at the Dunkirk hospital for Covid-19 were detected positive for the English variant. reports France Bleu Nord. This is 20% more than the previous week.

“The variant affects a major number of young subjects and we cannot in any case let this situation continue as it is., alert Patrick Goldstein.Today, we must break the chain of contamination. There may be important steps to take“, says the doctor, without commenting on additional measures to be installed.

Faced with this health situation, the DVG mayor of the city, Patrice Vergriete, asks in a press release “an interview with the Prime Minister to urgently examine the situation“.

Dunkirk today deserves all the attention of the State, just like the agglomeration of Nice and the Maritime Alps. We, elected officials of Dunkirk, are ready to do our part to deal with this third epidemic wave, as we have done since last March, in connection with the Prefecture of the North“, he explains.

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