Covid-19: in the face of variants, reinforced precaution in nursing homes in the Grand Est

In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), it is necessary to show a white paw to cross the doors of the nursing home L’air du Temps: temperature measurement and declaration on honor are indeed imposed on visitors. Christine Keller, who is visiting her 97-year-old mother, will have to be content with the kitchen, as room visits are now prohibited. “It’s hard not to be able to touch her at times like that, she confides to the France Télévisions teams. She is full of emotion, we want to shake her hands.“By organizing visits to collective places, staff can keep an eye on compliance with barrier gestures.

The establishment has decided to step up vigilance following the progression of cases of English variants in the region, where they represent up to 15% of new cases. “We’re talking about a third wave, so we’re doing everything today to prevent it from happening“, indicates Saniye Bilgili, director of the nursing home. The management hopes to maintain the visits as long as possible, as long as no positive case is declared among its residents.

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