Covid-19: these patients fallen into precariousness

Each month, Pauline Michel must prioritize her invoices to be paid. In March 2019, the life of this 41-year-old woman was turned upside down. She contracts the Covid-19 and, since, his symptoms persist. She is one of the patients of Covid long and suffers from extreme fatigue, pain in the arms, back and severe memory loss. Impossible for this executive assistant to continue working. Result: his income has halved. As soon as I have paid my credits, my rent and a little food, I am already in the red, from the beginning of the month, from the 5th“, she confides.

On sick leave since last March, she lives with 900 euros and often an overdraft account. For two months, his bank suspended his credit card. Pauline Michel ended up registering, reluctantly, for the Secours populaire: If I hadn’t had a child, I wouldn’t have taken the step at all. What is difficult is to accept to be there, to need that when in a life before, I would not have needed.

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