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Crash Course for CBSE Board 2021-22

Crash Course for CBSE Board 2021-22

Two end term exams or board exams will be held by the central board of secondary education or the CBSE for the batch of 2022. 50 per cent of the syllabus will be com-prised in the each of the exams. The first term will be held sometime around November and December, and the second term will be held sometime around March and April. Compared to the exams which have been held so far, the pattern of the exam will be different, and also the there will be different patterns incorporated in the first term exam and the second term exam. There is so much change with the way that the exams are being held, that students may need guidance. CBSE cans can be quite tough by themselves without the added ‘bonus’ of these changes. And these exams being some of the most important exams in the lives of students in the 10th and 12th class, students have a lot of pressure to perform well in them. They can combat this pressure and then overcome the difficulty if they have some help, and this help is exactly what the online crash courses for CBSE provide for you.


As mentioned earlier, the CBSE board exams will take place in two terms. The first term will be held for 90 minutes, and will have multiple choice type questions which include case- based MCQs, as well as assertion- reasoning type MCQs.The second term will be different in the sense that it will be conducted for two hours, and will include questions in different formats such as situation- based, case- based, open- ended questions as well as both long and short type answer type questions. The board has given a lot of flexibility to schools though, because of there being a rise in COVID 19 cases during March and April in the past two years. The March and April exams will follow on the steps of the first term exams, in that they will be held for 90 minutes with MCQ- based papers, if the COVID- 19 situation does not normalize. In order to remain fair, the papers will be conducted under the supervision of external centre superintendents where CBSE appoints the observers, as the exams are expected to be held by the respective schools. BY the time you are reading this, the board may have released a rationalised syllabus.

TO calculate the final score of students in the board exams 2021, the internal assessment marks will also be counted apart from both the first term and the second term exams. With the stat of the new academic session, the collection of data based on the performance of students in class and internal will begin. For all the assessments which are undertaken over the year, the schools will be creating a student profile and then saving it in a digital profile.


Crash courses for CBSE are a great way to ensure that you are always in the loop when it comes to studies. They can help you in multitude of ways. Since the 10th and the 12th grade are two of the most important times in a student’s life, they have a lot of pressure to study well and score great in their exams. Students tend to take extra classes so that they can properly grasp their subjects and topics. But these extra classes can eat up extra time and may cost more. They can cause problems such as scheduling differences, the extra classes being costly, the environment there might not be the best for you, pacing issues, issues with locations of the class, among a lot of others. The best way to escape these problems would be to shift to online crash courses. In addition to taking care of all those problems, as they don’t cost too much, and can be taken anywhere and anytime, they also help with additional things such as improving your technical skills, and saving a lot of time for you, so that you can take a break and relax.

There are a lot of crash courses on the market for CBSE, but you need to make sure that you choose the best one tailored to suit your needs. Some factors which can help you choose are –

Timing of live classes – these crash courses have live classes held within them, and as to not miss them, students must select the right course that suits their timing.

Faculty – By taking a free demo class you can determine the quality of the faculty, meaning if they work for you and even the experience they have.

Success ratio – the effectiveness of a course can be determined by the success rates of the students from there.

Facilities offered – take a look at the facilities provided such as theonline study material, mock tests and others, and which course gives you the best ones.

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