Dam Sen flower market will be open for operation in 3 peak days of the Lunar New Year market

Mr. Tran Phi Long, Chairman of District 11 People’s Committee, said so on the evening of June 9.

In the three days mentioned above, Dam Sen Service Cooperative commits to require cooperative members, transport units, cargo porters at the market… to implement 5K and other epidemic control and prevention measures. Along with that, flower business households at the market increased sales by phone, online sales, connected with gardeners and consumers in the provinces to directly deliver fresh flowers from gardeners in Lam Dong to the destination. market without having to gather at Dam Sen market.

According to Mr. Tran Phi Long, the epidemic situation in the district is quite complicated, there have been 4 cases positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus, of which 2 cases have not been identified in the community. Dam Sen flower market is one of the markets that supply wholesale and retail flowers to places in the city, the number of people trading at the flower market is high, coming from many different places. During peak days, the number of people transporting flowers, trading transactions here ranges from 600-800 times in the same time frame.

The district has mobilized small businesses doing business in essential aviation industries at markets to suspend business and asked Dam Sen Service Cooperative (the unit managing Dam Sen flower market activities) to actively support propaganda. , mobilizing cooperative members to temporarily suspend business until the end of the quarantine period.

Dam Sen flower market in the evening 8-6

All 50 business households here have actively responded and suspended business. The District People’s Committee has also directed the district functional departments to pay attention and support business households to implement tax exemption and reduction policies during business shutdown.

“The district has set up two epidemic control checkpoints at the flower market to control the source of goods coming in and out and the number of people serving flower business. Besides, it has mobilized flower business households here to increase sales by phone and transfer. goods directly to the focal points of consumption and in the provinces to limit the gathering of people to receive goods at the market” – Chairman of District 11 People’s Committee informed.

Mr. Ly Phu Qui, Director of Dam Sen Service Cooperative, said that on this Lunar New Year, Dam Sen flower market will try to coordinate with gardeners in Lam Dong to consume 10 million flower stems of Da Lat by selling over the phone, ask the contact in Da Lat to deliver the goods directly to the consumer in the provinces. “The Lunar New Year falls at the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic, so gardeners and small businesses have to suffer losses,” said Mr. Qui.

Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Phuong, Deputy Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade, said that as soon as it was announced that the Dam Sen flower market would be suspended, the department worked with the People’s Committee of District 11 to discuss support for small businesses, including: Prioritize guiding people to transact online and review the flower reception capacity of wholesalers. “The industry and trade consider the city as the largest consumer market of the country, must maintain the supply chain from production to consumption, so ensuring supply is the responsibility and interest of the city” – Mr. Phuong expressed. .

Dam Sen fresh flower market is officially closed and temporarily closed from May 31. On June 4, Lam Dong province sent a document to the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City and the People’s Committee of District 11 to consider creating conditions for the reopening of Dam Sen flower market from June 7 to June 14 (ie. April 27 to the end of the 5th day of the 5th lunar month) to support and deal with the consumption of a portion of fresh flowers for farmers in Lam Dong province. On 7-7, Dam Sen Service Cooperative sent an official letter requesting to operate a fresh flower market to serve the Lunar New Year, proposing the District 11 People’s Committee to resolve support for Dam Sen flower market to be reopened within 7 days. from 11 to 17 June.

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