Dang Van Lam is coming soon, Cerezo Osaka has a Covid-19 case

Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam’s debut plan could be affected when Cerezo Osaka Club announces a team member infected with Covid-19.

The website of Cerezo Osaka Club has just announced that a player of the team has been diagnosed with Covid-19 on April 5.

The player was still training on April 3, then on April 5, he was found positive for Covid-19“, Cerezo Osaka Club website information.

After it was found that a member was positive for Covid-19, a PCR test was conducted on all players, the official of the club Cerezo Osaka. It is known that initial results showed that the people involved were currently not showing symptoms such as poor physical condition or fever.

Dang Van Lam was present in Japan, quarantined and waiting for the launch of Cerezo Osaka

With this result, only the player infected with the Covid-19 virus must be isolated, the remaining players of Cerezo Osaka can still go to the Yokohama stadium in the 8th round of the J-League on April 6 (local time).

Currently, after being in Japan, Dang Van Lam is on quarantine for 2 weeks in the J-League athlete village. The fastest until April 17, the new Vietnamese player entered to practice and play with Cerezo Osaka club.

In response to the Japanese media, Dang Van Lam said: “Although I haven’t trained with the club for more than 2 months, I spend time alone in the gym and work closely with my own coach to maintain my form.

I want to thank all of you who have always supported me. I try my best in training as well as in matches to bring joy to everyone “, Dang Van Lam shared.

Video Dang Van Lam practice himself before going to Japan:

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