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Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey – A Must Have Toy

Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey is about to be this year’s sold-out Christmas toy. It’s not the most sophisticated toy on the market, but it’s remote-controlled with a repertoire of rude gestures that big box toy stores have noted as a Christmas favorite. This kind of ‘virtual pet’ gift was very popular last year and this cheeky monkey is expected to be huge this year.

British independent toy manufacturer Wow! Stuff, have warned that they are unlikely to meet demand before Christmas and could end up being the toy every child wants but no parent can buy. Toys R Us is behind the surge in demand in the US, where they listed Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey among their top holiday buys at their 580 stores there. The toys are made in two factories in China and a third has just opened to keep up with demand. Originally planned to supply 250,000 of the toys with 200,000 of them in the UK, the third factory will increase production by another 450,000, but many of them won’t hit shelves in time for Christmas. The UK should receive around 70% of its demand, but only around 10% of the US demand of around a million monkeys will be met at that time. Parents are urged to shop earlier this Christmas to avoid being disappointed.

Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey is very attractive and although it is primarily aimed at the 5-12 age range, it seems popular with youngsters aged 24 and up. Described by some as simply irresistible, he can be charming, adorable, cute and mischievous all at the same time.

The monkey is mounted on the shoulder and at only 8 inches (20 cm) tall, it looks very realistic, like a small black squirrel monkey with white fur around its pink face and pink hands and feet. He is operated with a remote control unit that can make him sing, laugh, wind break, burp, blow raspberries and turn his head and wave. With the remote control hidden in your pocket, you can interact with your friends and passers-by and they’ll think it’s a really cheeky Monkey, doing tricks and amusing everyone.

Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey comes in an attractive gift box containing the monkey and the remote control unit. All he’ll need is a 9V battery to power him up.

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