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Digestion and Debt Relief for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Since my mother passed away from pancreatic cancer, I have dedicated much of my life to writing articles that help pancreatic cancer patients improve their quality of life. Life is precious and until some are faced with a life threatening disease like this, many do not take the time to realize how fragile and precious life can be. What can you do when your most valuable possession, life, is in danger? The answer is that you appreciate what you have and take steps to make the most of the time you have. This article is about digestion and debt relief for pancreatic cancer patients and their families.

Digestion and debt relief may seem like two peculiar topics to address, but in essence, treating these two issues can make a world of difference for pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones. I will first address the topic of digestion for those dealing with this brutal cancer, as proper digestion is vital for the pancreatic cancer patient. The reason for this is that people with this disease fight to live while Cancer fights to destroy them. We all know the often-used expression: “You are what you eat.” The problem is that if you can’t eat you become nothing because you don’t eat anything or in other words you die if you can’t nourish your body.

There are tons of books with nutrition plans and diet suggestions for cancer patients full of great advice on foods that can cure you or help you live longer, but you have to be able to eat them for it to work. Pancreatic cancer robs you of your digestive abilities in many ways, from robbing you of your appetite to causing great discomfort when you eat. You can eat several small meals throughout the day, take supplements rich in vitamins and protein, and you can even take your recommended digestive enzymes, but there will be times, no matter what you do, when it will be difficult to eat.

A nifty little trick my dad discovered helped my mom when she did it and it will most likely help you or your loved one too and I encourage you to do it faithfully. Consuming the proper diet during cancer is vital for strength and for some even recovery. One crisis specifically associated with pancreatic cancer is that the entire digestive system is disrupted, making it one of the worst types of cancer out there. A simple little item eaten with every meal and snack can provide digestive relief and that is a pickle. There is something in the composition of a pickle that aids in digestion and helps prevent acid reflux, sickness, and pain associated with diseases that make it difficult for people to eat and digest food. If you are not already doing this, you should start eating a dill pickle with every meal and watch the difference. You will be pleasantly surprised and you have nothing to lose. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, it is just something that could possibly help you or your loved one live longer based on something I have witnessed first hand. Try letting the dill take care of your digestive problems.

The most a pancreatic cancer patient can eat, especially cancer-fighting foods; the better her quality of life will be. It doesn’t do anyone much good to live long with a disease if they have a poor quality of life, and for the cancer patient, quality of life is a fundamental treasure, since you never know how much life you have. What if the ability to eat the right foods helps you live longer on this earth? And yes? Isn’t dill pickles worth a try? It was very painful to see my mother not being able to eat. We were so happy when she was hungry and then seeing her racked with pain after eating was always a scene that killed the joy of victory we thought we had achieved moments before. When the pickles helped her digest her food without complications or pain, it gave her new hope of long life or recovery, but she didn’t stay consistent and that was her downfall.

Fortunately, you can learn from our mistakes. Sometimes it’s hard to get a cancer patient to do whatever it takes to make her live when she’s taking mind-altering painkillers like morphine. What I recommend is somehow ensuring that the cancer patient you know, especially those with pancreatic cancer, faithfully sticks with the dill-pickle eating regimen, no matter what the cost. It always amazes me how a component of a cure can be a simple item that we have never paid attention to before. Two other treatments that I recommend you research on the internet for cancer are baking soda treatment and asparagus treatment. Try everything reasonable until you find something that works.

Secondly, I would like to address the issue of debt. Cancer is a very difficult disease to treat and most people do not have enough insurance coverage to cope with the high bills of cancer treatment. All the drugs we had to get for my mother were so numerous and expensive that our yearly prescription drug benefits were depleted. Some prescriptions cost up to $800 for a 10-day supply. It is absolutely outrageous that when a person is dying and paying his debt with life, he almost has to break himself just to live or live a little longer in the greatest peace he can find with the disease. I have some FREE suggestions for you.

The first and most important thing to realize is that cancer can happen to anyone. Cancer does not discriminate and no one is exempt. Cancer reaches the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown, the young and the old, the black, white, brown, red and yellow. I would suggest Aflac to everyone and I’m not an Aflac agent but I had it years ago and I know they offer a cancer plan that pays you a claim at diagnosis and also helps pay for what insurance doesn’t cover along with any extra costs . income payments. You would need to contact an agent for more details. I just wanted to tell you a little about it in this article.

Next, I would investigate the studies that are being done for cancer patients. Pancreatic cancer is a cancer that has been neglected when it comes to cancer research and even recently bills have been passed to do more research on pancreatic cancer. If a patient with pancreatic cancer is accepted into a study, they can often receive the latest cutting-edge treatments for the disease at no charge. I definitely recommend participating in a study, but if the treatment seems too harsh on her body, don’t continue. Because pancreatic cancer is so difficult to diagnose, it is usually not diagnosed until it is already in stage four, and at that stage there is often very little benefit from chemotherapy. My mother tried experimental chemotherapy which showed improvement but was unable to continue with it due to the effects it had on her.

The third thing I want to share on the subject of debt relief is with regards to life insurance. The only thing I really have to say on this is make sure you have more than enough life insurance to cover the funeral. Life insurance should have an amount that covers funeral arrangements, as well as bills and living expenses for those left behind. I’m sorry and not sorry to say that. I’m sorry because the reality that death can happen is very difficult to deal with. It is extremely difficult to think that the person you love or even yourself is no longer alive. I am not sorry because it is a possible reality that must be faced. My mom left a bunch of bills for my dad to take care of and to his and the family’s grievance, it would have been nice if the bill collectors didn’t call while we were grieving our loss ourselves. You have to think about income replacement, funeral expenses, bills, and existing debt ahead of time. He will make things easier in the long run, so please do.

In addition to providing people with pancreatic cancer and cancer in general with helpful information based on my experience with cancer through my mother, I started a business that helps people become mortgage and debt free. Imagine the burden that can be lifted when you own your home and have no mortgage payments. Now imagine what it would be like to not only have no mortgage payments, but also pay your bills like car notes and credit card bills. Cancer can leave devastating debt, such as medical and prescription bills, in addition to debt that was already present before the bills associated with the disease arose. Many cancer patients have to receive home care and then there are hospice care, legal fees and funeral costs. My job is to help people eliminate debt from their lives so they can continue to live with less pressure.

The way I do this is by introducing people to a little known financial system developed in Australia that is now available in the US and Canada. It is not a bi-weekly or debt reduction program, but an advanced financial system that allows people to pay off their mortgages and debts in a third or half the time, saving them thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in interest while being free of mortgages and debts. It would have been so much easier for my dad if her house had been paid off while my mom was going through her dramatic bout with pancreatic cancer. If her mortgage and her debt had been paid off before she was diagnosed, more money would have been available during the cancer treatment process. You’d be surprised how many people get into debt while they or a loved one has cancer. Debt can add up quickly from putting medical bills and medications on credit cards. Some people even skip home notes to pay medical bills as it is the most important item at the time. I don’t want to help you prioritize debt. I want to help you get rid of your debt burden, and if you own a home, I want you to be mortgage free too.

One person who recently went through this program I am offering had 8 years left on their mortgage when they started and paid off their mortgage, truck note, and credit card debt in less than 13 months with virtually no change to their current lifestyle in the same income they had always had. Cancer really hurts a lot for the cancer patient and for those who know and love cancer victims. I will give you a free analysis on how you can be mortgage and debt free in 1/3 to ½ the time of your current income to see if I can help you in any way. I am also available to contact for further suggestions on how to treat cancer; specifically pancreatic cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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