Distance learning: “It’s still complicated” while the teachers “were ready”, says the union Snes-FSU

On Wednesday April 7, access to distance learning platforms remained complicated, the day after cascading bugs that prevented connections. “Two days have already been lost,” said Sophie Vénétitay, Deputy Secretary General of Snes-FSU.

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It’s still complicated“to connect to distance learning tools on Wednesday, explained this Wednesday on franceinfo Sophie Vénétitay, deputy general secretary of Snes-FSU, secondary school teachers’ union.

This morning and again at the end of the morning, it was very difficult to access the services of the Cned to be able, for example, to offer a virtual class to the students. We have very few colleagues who have really managed to connect“, explains franceinfo Sophie Vénétitay. As for those who go through ENTs, digital work environments,”it is very uneven depending on the region. There are regions where things are going better than yesterday, there are others where there are still very great difficulties, for example problems accessing the mailbox“.

The Deputy Secretary General of Snes-FSU notes that “is still halfway through this week of distance school and there are two days that have already been almost wasted“In addition to the white week, teachers fear the consequences on student attendance.

“How are we going to keep the students? There, we can see that we have already lost some of them and that we have trouble keeping the link with them, quite simply because we do not has no more means of communicating with them “.

Sophie Vénétitay, Deputy Secretary General of SNES-FSU

to franceinfo

Faced with the advanced technical problems and the explanations of the provider Open digital education according to which the teachers and students should not all connect at the same time, the professor replies: “This is an explanation that does not really satisfy us. We were ready, we had things prepared.“She goes further by asking the question”Has National Education given itself the means to have efficient tools to switch to distance school? Very clearly the answer is no“.

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