Division of Tan Son Nhat airport: Waiting for a few more days will be in place

From November 14, Tan Son Nhat Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) carried out the plan of diversion, direction of traffic for people, vehicles, and pick up passengers at the domestic station. Accordingly, lane A is only for vehicles carrying passengers on the plane; lanes B and C for vehicles to pick up passengers (except for taxis, transport business cars); lane D (in TCP garage) is only for taxi, transport business car to pick up passengers. However, the early days of implementation were mixed for some vehicles and passengers.

Leo 4, 5 floors to catch Grab

Tan Son Nhat International Airport said that after a few days of implementation, the new traffic division has created ventilation, minimizing congestion in the area of ​​the airport, domestic terminal.

On the morning of November 17, after 3 days of adjusting the flow, the reporter noted that the traffic situation was more stable than before. There is no longer the situation of technology vehicles waiting to wait in the TCP garage parking lot, and passengers are less likely to find a meeting point with a technology driver.

In lane A (the area close to the reception and drop off hall), traffic is no longer as chaotic as before, cars stop parking for passengers to get off within 3 minutes, so it is quite airy. Many drivers picking up passengers in contravention of regulations were reminded by traffic inspectors and made a penalty record. Similarly, in lanes B and C for passenger vehicles (except for taxis, commercial vehicles) is also quite airy.

The pick-up and drop-off area in front of the domestic terminal of Tan Son Nhat airport is clear in the morning of November 17. Photo: LAM GIANG

But in lane D (TCP garage), except for the ground floor, which is the place to welcome passengers of carriers that have registered business franchises with a fairly stable airport, the rest of technology car companies such as Grab, Be … must 3, 4, 5 floors to welcome guests. This makes many passengers confused and inconvenient, not to mention paying an additional 25,000 VND to the technology car company because the TCP garage collects the parking fee. “For those who have a lot of luggage, they will have to wait for the elevator for a long time, not to mention the additional 25,000 VND parking fee in the TCP garage area, which applies to cars in and out to pick up passengers (mainly technology cars). book a car without paying attention to this fee, until the driver knows it, leading to controversy, canceling the trip, causing disorder, local congestion “- Ms. Nhung, a passenger waiting for the technology car, said.

Division of Tan Son Nhat airport: Wait a few more days, it will be there - Photo 2.

Passengers pick up technology cars at the 3rd and 4th floors of the TCP building

Struggling to run up and down 2 rounds but still could not pick up the customer, Mr. Tan Vu (the 7-seat Grabcar driver) shook his head, and the customer on the 4th floor could find it all the time. According to Mr. Vu, the diversion makes it harder for technology drivers to reach customers, not to mention passengers will limit the right to choose vehicles.

The representative of the Be car app said that he supports the redevelopment of the flow of cars in and out of the airport to create ventilation, order and safety for traveling passengers. However, with the large traffic volume and travel demand at the airport, the implementation of the new plan still has some shortcomings, affecting the service experience for both drivers and customers.

In response to this situation, Be actively communicated with drivers and customers about the new regulation. The driver will receive a message to instruct the passenger to drop off and follow the instructions of the security staff at the airport; Customers also receive messages on how to move to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor parking lots to pick up the car and update the airport fee according to the new regulations.

The Grab representative acknowledged that the authorities’ re-planning of the flow of cars in and out of the airport in order to create an orderly order for passengers to pick up and drop off at the airport these days is necessary. Therefore, the company has proactively communicated with drivers and customers about the compliance with this new regulation. “However, the actual implementation process is still inadequate, many unreasonable points affecting passengers and drivers. We are working hard to coordinate with relevant authorities to settle this situation satisfactorily. in the spirit of complying with the new regulations “- said a Grab representative.

Will invest in more escalators

Explaining the new diversion plan, the representative of Tan Son Nhat International Airport informed that at lane D there are 4 taxi companies including Vinasun, Mai Linh, Vina, Saigontourist and 6 transportation business units (SASCO, SATSCO , Song Viet, ACV Unico, Avigo, Southern Airport Authority Union) signed a concession contract with the port of operation to welcome guests. Be Group JSC (the owner of the Be ride-hailing application) is also promoting and completing related procedures to sign a concession contract with the airport.

As for the fee of 25,000 dong collected by technology taxi, Mr. Luu Viet Hung, Chief of Office of Tan Son Nhat International Airport, said this includes parking fee for 90 minutes and free airport entrance fee. .

In order to continue to support residents and drivers to understand information about changes according to the new channeling plan, the airport is installing notice signs, arranging Youth Union to guide from inside the station to the garage, increasing 100% strengthened security forces to coordinate and communicate to the people. In the near future, the TCP garage will adjust and supplement the elevator and escalator system to best support moving up and down the floors of passengers. The airport also encourages passengers without baggage to take the stairs to reduce the load during this period.

Talking to the reporter of the Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, Mr. Vo Khanh Hung, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City, said that after receiving complaints from the people and press agencies, the department had a written request to the yard. Tan Son Nhat bay reports on implementation, then assesses, reviews and has specific requirements. According to decentralization, internal routes in the airport are managed by Tan Son Nhat International Airport, but before the implementation, the two sides must discuss for solutions to ensure the best traffic order and safety.

After 3 days of going to the army to sanction violations after adjusting the channel, Traffic Inspection Team No. 8 of the Department of Transport made a record of 10 violations with a fine of 67.5 million VND, mainly the violations: operating a contract car without a list of contractual passengers, operating a vehicle without badges, not posting the name of the transport business unit …

It costs 5-7 billion / year to welcome guests

Mr. Ta Long Hy, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Taxi Association, said it is not obvious that traditional taxi companies can park and pick up and drop off passengers at the airport. Firms have to go through bidding, depending on the number of vehicles and the parking position that pay different prices. For example, Vinasun each year has to pay for the package from 5 – 7 billion VND to 400-500 vehicles operating at Tan Son Nhat airport. The traditional taxi companies register their business properly, pay taxes to the state, but for a long time they face unfair competition with many technology car companies, when they take the name of “home car” blatantly pick up and pay passengers in lane A without charge. Therefore, to create fairness in business, the diversion at Tan Son Nhat Airport according to the Taxi Association is reasonable.

According to the Chairman of the City Taxi Association, decrees and circulars of the Ministry of Transport clearly stipulate that the technology car company is a contract car, not a public passenger transport, so the rule is You are not allowed to pick up / drop off individual passengers or pick up passengers like a taxi. Passengers must understand legal regulations in order to choose an appropriate vehicle. “As for traditional taxis, firms now heavily penalize drivers who disparage near trips, if the driver has constant, picky behavior …, the passenger should call the switchboard, we will strictly deal with it. “- Mr. Hy said.

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