Domestic tourism demand stimulus: Reducing prices or increasing quality?

Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) on April 5 held a press conference at Vietnam International Travel Fair VITM 2021 and National Domestic Tourism Forum 2021.

According to the Organizing Committee, the national domestic tourism forum is expected to have about 400-500 delegates, including leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, General Department of Tourism, Ninh Binh Provincial People’s Committee, representatives of regulatory agencies. state management of tourism, leading tourism organizations and businesses (DN) in the country and media agencies …

Domestic tourism is now the salvation of many businesses.

At the forum, delegates will analyze the importance of domestic tourism, the domestic tourism development situation of Vietnam and the region, the necessary factors for domestic tourism development; experiences in developing domestic tourism of some localities. At the same time, proposing solutions to develop domestic tourism, combining types of international – domestic tourism to promote tourism development in Vietnam …

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Ha Van Sieu, Deputy Director of the General Department of Tourism, said that the epidemic was unpredictable, but we have a lot of experience, so every time the epidemic stops, tourism activities will be exciting. come back. Translate Covid-19 is an opportunity for tourism to rise to a new level.

Sharing about the role of domestic tourism for tourism businesses, Mr. Vu The Binh, Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Tourism Association, said that although domestic revenue is not high compared to revenue from international visitors, but in the current context, domestic tourism is the salvation of many businesses.

“I have an exchange with a tourism business at the fair. The company’s representatives boast that in 2020, domestic tours are sold directly 1.5 times higher (revenue from 4 to 6 billion VND) compared to other businesses. Previous year, many businesses did not attach importance to domestic tourism, now domestic tourism brings a part of their income “- Mr. Vu The Binh shared.

Domestic tourism demand stimulus: Reducing prices or increasing quality?  - Photo 2.

Mr. Vu The Binh urged businesses to reduce prices but not to reduce quality

However, the Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association also frankly said that in the past 10 years, domestic tourism has only been noticed but not really respected. Domestic tourism development issues are nothing special, not attracting attention, from building products for Vietnamese people, studying habits, preferences or influences of domestic tourism. … is hardly done yet.

“It can be said that we consider domestic tourism as a spontaneous and unregulated activity. That is why until now, when the crisis is over, we understand that domestic tourism is saving. Only then did domestic tourism really begin to develop.

Over the past time we have also seen clearly that when the Covid-19 translation is relatively stable, domestic tourism starts to flare up. That direction is very correct and appropriate. Until now, we hope that domestic tourism will help the tourism industry last for a while “- Mr. Binh emphasized.

Talking more about solutions to promote domestic tourism, Mr. Binh said that when it comes to stimulating demand, people think of price reduction. “Many tours have unbelievable discounts. If it is a treat, only treat one meal, it cannot be more than the original price because the tourism industry cannot reduce any more. The possibility of cooperation between industries in Vietnam is not. As high as other countries, tourism products cannot be reduced too much.Our Association calls for businesses to reduce prices but not to reduce quality We want to stimulate diversified demand, improve quality, not heavy on price “- Mr. Binh said.

Vietnam International Tourism Fair – VITM Hanoi 2021 takes place on May 5 to 8, at ICE International Exhibition Center, Huu Nghi Cultural Palace, Hanoi. With the theme “New normal, new opportunities”, the fair is expected to have 350 stalls, with 450 registered units from 40 provinces across the country; 4 international representatives from Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan (China).

At this fair, there will be many activities such as honoring typical businesses and individuals of the Vietnam Tourism Association in 2020 (VITA Awards); launches MICE Tourism Club; Workshop on Human Resources for tourism in Vietnam in the context of “new normal”; performing international and Vietnamese traditional art – cultural tourism products …

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