El Comidista weekly menu (March 15-21)

March reaches the middle and at El Comidista we have prepared for you, as every Saturday, a menu full of healthy, varied and seasonal recipes so that you can say goodbye to winter in style. We suggest some like a curried mackerel with carrot cream, an exotic ‘dal’ of lentils with coconut and broccoli or a classic star like the chocolate biscuit cake. And remember: if you want to find out before anyone else about everything that is going on, you can subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive El Comidista’s weekly menu in your email every Friday. Here you have all the information.

Monday March 15

Artichoke and spinach cream.

Seasonal and fresh artichokes are delicious, but if in the end you are going to crush them to make a cream there is a trick to save time: buy them frozen.

Roasted rabbit with herbs and lemon

This rabbit dish – inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe – combines ingredients that, as Jamie himself would say, “are very good friends”, such as butter, sage, garlic and lemon.

Tuesday March 16

Naan bread with cashew pate and crispy salad

Who wants a single recipe and can have three that work great together and separately? That is the case of today’s proposal, which consists of a base bread, a spread and a fresh and crunchy salad that separately could have other quite fun uses. The three preparations together have the perfect cool-creamy-hot-cold-crunchy contrast that forms an ideal bite.

Pasta with fennel and sardines

Cooked fennel has a honeyed texture and a slightly sweet flavor, perfect to combine with a more intense one such as canned sardines. A touch of butter and lemon finishes the game.

Wednesday March 17

Bean stew with olives

A stew in which the olives enhance the flavor of a good stir-fry and some spices, which you can prepare from scratch by cooking the legume yourself or shorten the times using a canned version.

Alfajores filled with dulce de leche

These sweets, of Arab heritage and typical of some regions of Spain, traveled to Argentina and there they gave them a personal touch: put them in the form of a sandwich and add their much loved dulce de leche.

Thursday March 18

Fennel, orange and black olive salad

A salad of Sicilian origin that you can prepare only with the ingredients that it has in the name. Or go a bit more sophisticated with a touch of acid in the dressing, a bit of aged cheese or anchovies.

Mackerel curry with carrot cream

Did you think that we had already exhausted all the possible ways to prepare mackerel? One more season, we will try to break our own record, this time with curry and a creamy carrot and sweet potato.

Friday March 19

Baked whiting with garlic and lemon

A very simple baked fish dish, where the blue whiting can be substituted for mackerel, brótola, boga or others, but the fresh lemon, oil, garlic and parsley dressing is non-negotiable.

Yolk flan with vanilla

Flan may sound a bit old-fashioned, but few desserts beat a well-made flan, with its wonderful texture and perfect balance of dairy, egg, and sugar.

Saturday March 20

Lentil and coconut ‘Dal’ with broccoli

A tasty and nutritious dish, halfway between stew and cream. All thanks to the particular texture of legumes without skin and cut in half, known in South Asia as ‘dal’.

Seasonal fruit: kiwi

Kiwi is in season and is one of the fruits with the highest concentration of vitamin C. Ideal for coping with the cold.

Sunday March 21

Peruvian roast chicken

A recipe to obtain all the flavor of a Peruvian chicken ‘al carbon’ without having to use this fuel. Homemade fries and salad are optional, but highly recommended.

Chocolate biscuit cake

Old icon par excellence or contemporary classic? The biscuit and chocolate cake, once a star at children’s birthday parties, deserves a new opportunity.

The weekend drink

suau, the Coca-cola of our grandparents

A drink based on coffee and soda helped to refresh the afternoons of the last century, and became a benchmark in areas of Catalonia and Aragon. One brand still bottles it, and today we dive into its history.

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