Essential food prices start to cool down

Observing the market in the past 3-4 days, it can be seen that the prices of essential food items in Ho Chi Minh City have had many positive changes. In particular, the market’s cooling trend has been evident since July 19 until now. By July 20, supermarkets and shops had returned to a state of stagnation even though goods were full of shelves.

No more “buy it” mentality

At some markets such as Ba Chieu (Binh Thanh District), Binh Thoi (District 11), the price of broccoli has decreased to 30,000 VND/kg, lettuce 30,000-32,000 VND/kg, tomatoes 40,000 VND/kg, cucumbers 30,000-35,000 VND/kg, water spinach 28,000-30,000 VND/kg… Particularly, the price of onions and cilantro is still quite high because the supply is small, the transportation time is long, causing the loss rate to be high. Le Thi Nga, selling vegetables and fruits at Binh Thoi market, said she returned to the market from July 19 after being closed for a while due to the epidemic.

“These days, the goods are few, but the sale is very slow compared to normal times, the customers who go to the market also buy less. In times of general difficulties, I determined that it would be better to make a small profit than to take the opportunity to make a price because that is unethical, will not be durable,” – Ms. Nga shared.

The organization of many points of sale helps the essential goods market in Ho Chi Minh City in recent days to be less stressful Photo: HOANG TRI

According to businesses (DN), the market reaction shows that the majority of consumers have accumulated enough or excess food, so there is no temporary need to buy more. Besides, hundreds of stable food selling points appear everywhere, goods are more abundant, many selling at the same price of 100,000 VND for each bag of 4-5 kg ​​of vegetables or fruits or selling at the reference price of the supermarket. Co.opmart (under the guidance of the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City – PV), grocery stores also sell vegetables and fruits, plus the information that Ho Chi Minh City will reopen the traditional market system will improve people’s psychology, No more worrying about food shortages.

“Consumers have calmed down, no longer have the “must buy” mentality of food, but consider and choose to buy at places with lower prices. In addition, the market management force conducts an inspection. Some business points, sanctioning acts of selling at high prices have also exerted a deterrent effect, helping to lower prices,” said the director of a distribution business in Ho Chi Minh City.

Enterprises believe that in the coming days, commodity prices can still decrease further. Mr. Truong Chi Thien, General Director of Vinh Thanh Dat Food Joint Stock Company, said that last week, chicken eggs “climbed” to 40,000 VND/dozen, duck eggs over 50,000 VND/dozen. 30,000-35,000 VND/dozen chicken eggs and 40,000-45,000 VND/dozen duck eggs.

When the market returns to normal, supermarkets sell chicken and duck eggs at a stable price (26,000 VND/dozen chicken eggs, 31,000 VND/dozen duck eggs), outside must also reduce the price to the same or higher level of only 3,000 -4,000 VND/dozen because if the difference is too big, the goods will not be sold.

Need to continue to disassemble more

Dr. Huynh Thanh Dien, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, pointed out that the lack of local goods has pushed up the prices of many fresh foods in Ho Chi Minh City in recent years due to congestion in transportation and circulation. not due to lack of food supply. “The city government sees that fact, so it has implemented many solutions to remove it.

At this time, it is necessary for the city’s large distribution enterprises to agree and apply equal prices for food items to counterbalance and guide prices in the external market. Along with that is to quickly resume safe operations for the traditional distribution channel in parallel with the fundamental solution of synchronously coordinating with provinces and cities to remove the situation of “blocking rivers and banning markets”, opening up congestion for both growers and the distribution and consumption of goods” – Dr. Dien stated.

Talking to a reporter of Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, Director of the Domestic Market Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) Tran Duy Dong admitted that the price of some foods in the Ho Chi Minh City market had increased during the city’s implementation of the Directive. Market 16 of the Government. This is inevitable, even for businesses and units that claim to have stable sales, stemming from a number of reasons such as increased prices from suppliers, increased transportation costs, and increased losses. because the shipping time is too long. In addition, the cost of driver quarantine, testing costs, etc. is also a burden. In particular, the demand of Ho Chi Minh City has increased dramatically due to psychological factors, people rushing to buy too much is also an opportunity for food prices to increase.

According to Mr. Dong, to help reduce the price of essential foods in the context of the epidemic, it is necessary to stick to the above causes to gradually remove them. For example, in order for traders and suppliers not to increase product prices, the supply must be increased; this needs the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in developing production, increasing output.

Regarding the traffic stage, ministries and branches, including the Ministry of Transport, have provided clear and specific instructions and drastically implemented them, including the abolition of testing regulations, creating favorable conditions for truck drivers. goods faster, thereby helping to reduce transportation costs, and the loss of fresh goods is also reduced.

“Another thing that is very important to note at this time is that when state agencies ask businesses to distribute prices to stabilize prices and increase reserves, they cannot help but do. But the question is what support has been given by the state. For example, support for interest rates, costs of electricity, water, relaxation, tax reduction…? Only then will enterprises have the strength and spirit to do the task of supplying goods with stable prices to the people.” – Mr. Tran Duy Dong emphasized.

Respect market principles

Director General of the Domestic Market Department Tran Duy Dong said that supporting Ho Chi Minh City and the South in the supply and distribution of goods will respect market principles, and at the same time mobilize the best capable force to participate in support. State and local support. For example, when selecting and mobilizing Viettel Post Corporation to participate in bringing price-stabilizing goods to support Ho Chi Minh City, the management agencies have taken into account that the units under the military have good skills, the staff are tested and fully meet the requirements of the “green stream”. From there, the goods can be brought in quickly.

“All provinces and cities in the region implementing Directive 16 if they can supply locally, it is best to supply locally, because that way they can avoid the burden of logistics costs. To do this, the team must The implementation cannot be rigidly “preventing the river from banning the market”. We have also considered higher projection options if the locality cannot guarantee the local supply” – Mr. Dong affirmed.

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