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Flower Delivery – Should I Make My Gift Anonymous?

Throughout history, flowers have been associated with two things: love and secrecy. Ancient Romans painted roses on the ceilings of their banquet halls to remind guests that the secrets they shared sub pink or “under the rose” were meant to be kept confidential. The association between flowers and secrecy continued into the Middle Ages when a rose was hung above a meeting table where private matters were discussed.

Today, an anonymous gift of flowers combines love and secrecy in a way that is guaranteed to delight its recipient. The mystery of receiving a dozen red roses from an anonymous admirer is sure to set his gift apart from the rest whether it is the birthday of his loved ones or a holiday when he will receive many gifts.

Even if you don’t include your name on the gift card that comes with your flowers, you should include a heartfelt message that explains why you sent the bouquet. Consider sending a message with a tantalizing hint of your identity, but not enough to reveal who you are. If you want, choose a romantic moment later in the day to tell your loved one that you are their secret admirer.

Anonymous flower gifts are also lovely for someone in your life who deserves an extra treat. If someone has been hard at work, seemingly without much notice, an anonymous thank you bouquet will make them feel appreciated. In a case like this, the anonymous gift is an extra special reminder that your efforts are being noticed.

Move along. Be someone’s secret admirer today!

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