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Free audiobooks and how to get them

Perhaps you are one of the many people in the world who love to listen to audiobooks. They can be found practically anywhere: the World Wide Web, bookstores, rental services, and department stores, among other places; And now almost every book imaginable is available on both compact disc and audio cassette. Perhaps, too, you are ruined. Maybe the holiday season has left you out of tickets, but you can’t shake the desire to finally relax and enjoy listening to your favorite book. Fortunately, that’s not an impossible dream, regardless of the circumstances. And it’s a dream that can be realized without spending a single penny!

There are many ways to get free audiobooks. An obvious example would be your local library. While this advice may not be true for all libraries, it can be said that many branches are catching up with the trend. Of course, there are always those whose local libraries are too “dated”, but at the other end of the spectrum, many libraries now offer free audio book downloads.

However, if your local library appears to be an old brand, then there are plenty of options for those with internet access. A Los Angeles-based service, Jiggerbug, offers free trials of its audiobook rental service. They provide an extensive catalog of audio book titles; And if you like the audio in your collection, feel free to burn them to CD for your personal use (which means don’t get caught selling multiple copies of Brokeback Mountain from the trunk of your car). Copyright laws do not welcome infringement; the consequences of doing so can be dire.

Also noteworthy is Project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org), a website consisting of free computer-generated audio that is available for download. Although your selection doesn’t include many contemporary readings, it’s a good source for classical literature if you don’t mind hearing a computerized voice.

And lastly, there’s always the do-it-yourself method – record your own audiobooks! This is especially a great idea for parents of young children. With the free Microsoft Speech SDK and Text Aloud MP3 software, you just have to choose a book that you think your child or children will enjoy the most. Also, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the voice of James Earl Jones, the kids don’t care. However, it wouldn’t be a bad thing, right?

While these suggestions may be considered obvious to some, it is often the obvious things that are overlooked. However, regardless of your methods, it’s hard to go wrong when you get free stuff!

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