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Go green to save your business money

We all hear about ecology and how it helps businesses. How can your business go green?

Your business can go green in a number of ways, both small and large. Do you use incandescent bulbs that consume more electricity than compact fluorescent bulbs? Do you have recycling bins for paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass? Also make sure that you (or your landlord) build green and install energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems, appliances, equipment and lighting in your offices. Carry out an energy audit of your space. Are there ways to save energy and reduce costs?

There are many offices that have run out of paper. Although you initially need to scan all of your files on your computer system, once you are up to date, there isn’t much to do to keep the office paperless (other than making sure your files are backed up regularly). Your business is now environmentally friendly and you don’t need to buy as much paper and ink.

If you are a property owner, have you looked into solar or other renewable energy sources to lower your electric bill? In New Jersey, when you generate electricity from the sun, you can earn money by selling renewable solar energy certificates to your local electric company. Those certificates are worth cash.

Do you allow your employees to telecommute? When everyone needs to be in the office at the same time, you need more office space. If employees can work from home and share offices in your facility, then you don’t need as much office space.

Are you selling a green product or can you adapt your existing product to be more environmentally friendly? Green is one of the fastest growing business segments. Some consumers buy only green products and others like to feel that they are helping the environment by buying some green items. It’s a winning sales pitch.

There are tons of ideas on how to save money by going green. Even if you don’t think helping the environment is a reason to go green, saving money is always a good business idea to implement.

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