Gold price today April 12: Gold jewelry is cheaper and cheaper

On the first day of April 12, Saigon Jewelry – Gemstone Company (SJC) listed the price of SJC gold bar to buy 54.65 million dong / tael, sell 55.05 million dong / tael – down 150,000 dong per tael. compared to last week.

Phu Nhuan Jewelry and Jewelry Company (PNJ) traded SJC gold to buy 54.7 million dong / tael and sell 55.1 million dong / tael.

The difference between buying and selling gold prices continued to be kept by businesses at about 400,000 VND / tael.

Jewelry gold price is much cheaper than SJC gold

Meanwhile, the price of gold jewelry, 24K gold rings of all kinds was traded at around VND 50.7 million / purchased volume, VND 51.3 million / volume sold – down VND 50,000 per tael compared to last week. Jewelry gold price is 3.7 million dong / tael lower than SJC gold price.

Some other businesses traded smooth round gold around VND 50.6 million / purchased volume, VND 50.85 million / sold volume. The difference between buying and selling prices is only about 250,000 VND / tael.

Gold jewelry price tended to decrease stronger than SJC gold bar recently. Compared with the time of Than Tai (January 10), gold jewelry buyers lost about 4 million VND / tael.

On the international market, the world spot gold price was 1,738 USD / ounce, 6 USD / ounce lower than the closing price last week. Previously, according to Kitco’s survey on gold price trend, both analysts and investors believed that this precious metal would strongly recover.

Currently, the world gold price converted at the listed exchange rate is about 48.5 million dong / tael, about 6.5 million dong / tael lower than SJC and about 2.7 million dong / tael lower than the price of gold jewelry. .

Center rate this morning announced by the State Bank at 23,218 VND / USD, an increase of 4 VND per USD compared to the weekend price. USD prices at commercial banks decreased slightly to around 22,975 VND / USD bought in, 23,155 VND / USD sold – decreased by 5 VND per USD compared to the end of last week.

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