Ha Tinh added 2 more cases of COVID-19, people simultaneously went to get tested

A checkpoint enters the blockade area in Ha Tinh province – Photo: LE MINH

On the morning of June 16, Ha Tinh Center for Disease Control confirmed two more cases positive for SARS-CoV-2 in Ha Tinh city and Huong Son district.

Specifically, female patients with HTT (52 years old) living in group 4, Nguyen Du ward, Ha Tinh city are F1 of patient 10556 and TNSS patient (2 years old) living in hamlet 5, Quang Diem commune, Huong Son is F1. of patient 10887, both cases have been isolated.

Previously, on the evening of June 15, Ha Tinh health sector also recorded two more positive cases of SARS-CoV-2, namely TTN (34 years old) living at house number 126, Tran Phu street, Tran Phu ward, Ha Tinh city. is F1 of patient 10556.

UTI patient (11 years old) living in Xuan Hai residential group, Loc Ha town is F1 of Patient 10085 and Patient 10086.

Currently, the health sector is tracing contacts with cases for isolation and testing.

Ha Tinh added 2 more cases of COVID-19, people simultaneously got tested - Photo 2.

People in the blockade area in Ha Tinh are sampled for testing – Photo: LE MINH

This morning, Ha Tinh people simultaneously went for an expanded COVID-19 test from the socialization source of the business.

The cost of testing is about 100,000 to 150,000 thousand samples, because this locality calls for businesses to sponsor.

Targets allocated to take samples for testing this time include: Ha Tinh city: 20,000 people; Huong Son: 20,000 people; Loc Ha 15,000 people; Thach Ha 15,000 people; Hong Linh town 5,000 people; Duc Tho 13,000 people; Ky Anh town 12,000 people; Nghi Xuan 8,000 people; Ky Anh district 9,000 people; Cam Xuyen 10,000 people; Can Loc 12,000 people; Vu Quang 3,000 people and Huong Khe 8,000 people.

The test is expected to be completed by June 19.



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